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Let me start off by first telling everyone that this site is a joke!!! My husband and I decided to get 3 canvas of our wedding photos and realized was the cheapest and so we started the super easy ordering process. Yeah, it was probably way too easy!!! They make it super easy for you to order, yet they lie about the amount of time it will take for you to recieve your order. Anyway, although it took forever to get our package, we were excited when we found out it had finally came...To our surprise, we recieved a package that didn't look like would fit 3 canvas portraits...This is of course because the box contained a bunch of pieces of cheap wood and poster type of the photos we chose. We were in shock because we realized we had to assemble it ourselves and did not notice anywhere on the website that we would recieve our products this way. I mean, are they serious? Do they really get away from doing this?

The one positive thing I can say is that the quality of the photos were decent. I read other complaints of poor quality prints, etc.

Anyway, my husband and father in law just took over an hour to assemble just one of the three canvas portraits. That is just rediculous! I wish just like the rest of you, we had read reviews before making a purchase.

After doing some research today, I learned that this company has changed their web address numerous times. Hmmmm, I wonder why? Could it be because they have got terrible reviews, complaints, and maybe even law suits against them? HECK YES!~


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  • Ke
      20th of Dec, 2011

    Placed my order Dec 2, expected 48 hour turn around as they promise online. I have called numerous times to only find it busy for hours on end or ring and ring and ring. I fianlly got someone ( a man) he promised to call me back, never happened! Called again today on the 14th and after letting it ring for 5 mins finally got someome who said sorry they are behind! I asked her if this was a scam b/c my cc had already been charged! Still no answers yet and no prints that i have already paid for. I've been on hold for 9 mins and am typing this as I wait, fully expecting them not to come back on the line.

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  • Bi
      3rd of Jan, 2012 - Stay away from these guys
    United States

    I bought a 3 panel split 36"x24" for a Christmas gift when I receive it I only had enough wooden panels two stretch two... so I called back she told me they would overnight it .. I got it 3 days later and it was the wrong size. I couldn’t get a hold of her for 4 days, no answer to emails or calls when I finally get ahold of her she tells me I was wrong not her. I finally get her to see what she did then she tells me I will get the right parts overnight and it is now 3 days later again and I still have not gotten it and I can’t get a hold of her also!!

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  • Da
      11th of Jan, 2012

    I agree 100%. I ordered a picture for Christmas. It is now a month later and the picture has not shown up, I emailed them two times and called two times. I finally went to cancel the transaction on my card and I got a hold of them. They still have not printed the picture. I would highly recommend staying away from them.

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  • Mo
      12th of Jan, 2012 - I emailed them twice and have gotten no response
    United States

    RUN!!! I ordered a picture through them for Christmas. It is now a month later and I still have not received it. I emailed them twice and have gotten no response. I called them twice and finally got an answer today 1/11/12. I asked about my order and it was not ever printed. I wonder if they simply take orders and don't print them to save $$$. I canceled my order and hope to get a refund. Let's see.

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  • To
      25th of Jan, 2012 - No answer on any subsequent calls or emails
    United States

    Ordered early november...received in early december a shipping notice with track number that was fictitious..called, called, called, called, emailed and emailed and emailed. I finally got my order right before christmas but maybe that was because I was nearly hysterical sobbing on the phone. One canvas was a gift for someone who unexpectedly died in the meantime. Two canvases are correct, one is not. I was promised a replacement two weeks ago and again got the fictitious shipping info..still nothing...No answer on any subsequent calls or emails. STAY AWAY!!!

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  • Rh
      31st of Jan, 2012 - order not received /
    United States

    I ordered prints of my work January 13th for a new client with the promise of shipping within 48 hours of ordering. It is now January 31st and the order has still not been shipped per a rep on the phone this morning. Each time I call I get a different excuse; It was a holiday, our printer broke, we are backlogged. I was given a tracking number for Fed. Ex and can't use it because it wasn't shipped. Also: On the website, they have a picture of a finished canvas which leads you to believe that the print will arrive mounted, but in reality, the product comes rolled and you have to put it together with a staple gun once it finally arrives, if it ever does. I put a fraud claim in with Wells Fargo to get my money back and am trying to salvage my new customer for this product.

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  • Li
      10th of Feb, 2012 - What a waste of 50 bucks
    United States

    I ordered a canvas print for my boyfriend's birthday. It never got even close to his birthday. I received the canvas 3 weeks after I placed an order. ok, no big deal... nobody can promise you shipping on time. Pass that, when I open the box I didn't realize the stretch frame was not put together..finally I properly read it on their website afterwards so okey I can understand that part, but the pieces don't even come together! pass that, the quality of the picture... DISASTER! too embarrassing to show it to my boyfriend. The picture is absolutely DARK!!! I can't even hang it on my wall. It looks sooo bad I tried to contact customer service, no response!!! The coloring is sooo weird on the angles! I didn't even ask for money back... I just asked for reprint.. still no response!!! This company is some kind of SCAM! Better watch out for them! It's been three weeks... still no response and I tried to contact them three times! I'm going to ship the canvas back... what a wasted 50 bucks!!!

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  • Ko
      13th of Feb, 2012 - I will never order from this site again
    United States

    I originally ordered 3 prints from this site, and choose the site because of price. DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE PRICE. The service was HORRIBLE. My order was messed up TWICE. I left multiple voice messages and e-mails with NO RESPONSE. Finally when I did get a hold of a real person - he put me on "Hold" but actualy didn't and I could still hear him... He proceeded to INSULT ME TO HIS COWORKERS! He laughed about my name and he laughed at my e-mails that I sent and when on and on... then got back on the phone and tried to be nice? What kind of customer service is that! I will NEVER order from this site again... AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE ELSLE LOOKS ELSEWHERE FOR CANVAS PRINTS.

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  • Be
      29th of Feb, 2012 - I would never recommend this site to anyone
    United States

    NEVER order from this site!!! I bought a valentine's gift on here, and it never came, which was a flop. Not only was I left empty handed on Valentine's day... I called to try and get this order resolved...and no one answered, their mail box was full. I wrote countless emails to them, no answer. Finally after a month of trying to get a hold of them someone answered...and they said it had no printed, then he said it did print but it was damaged...WTF! This place is a joke, it is a SCAM... I would never recommend this site to anyone! Stay far a couple more dollars for a reputable company!!!

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  • La
      8th of May, 2012 - What a waste of 60 bucks
    United States

    I expected a nice canvas print, all i got was four pieces of wood and a rolled up picture. I didnt realize i am gonna have to figure out how to stretch this thing onto a cheap frame that i have to nail togather. Plus i sent them a pretty black and white photo and the colors on the canvas are all washed out and the entire picture is all shades of grey. What a waste of 60 bucks. Someone outta shut these people down.

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  • Gi
      20th of May, 2012 - What a waste of money and time
    United States

    I was anticipating receiving my own photos done on canvas, well what a waste of money and time. quality of the whole order sucked, they say it is easy to put the frame together IT IS NOT, THE QUALITY OF CANVAS SUCKS, my photos were too dark, too pink, and not like when i edited them. they are a disgrace, and Walmart does a better job yes walmart, they don't use wood frame but i should have stuck with walmart. RUN RUN RUN DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

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  • Mi
      10th of Jun, 2012 - What a horrible experience and total waste of money
    United States

    What a horrible experience and total waste of money. First of all, the canvas you order will come un-assembled - you will have to assemble it yourself. As if that was not misleading enough, they were 'nice enough' to include a sheet stating they send the canvas this way to save their customers money and have included easy instructions on how to go about assembling (really? Thumbtacks, I mean common')

    The instructions were of course 'missing' - frequent emails are not returned. DO NOT ORDER from this company - you are better off spending $20 more and going somewhere else. So sad - horrible experience.

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  • Ka
      15th of Jun, 2012 - Don't show the finished product on the site and deliver a half finished product
    United States

    Let me begin by saying this is the 1st online review I have posted. So to say the least you really have to tick me off to get me to post about it.

    I received the package yesterday and was quite confused as the box was 4"x4"x12" long. I ordered a 16"x20" canvas picture. hmmmm... well, I was very surprised to learn I had to stretch it myself. I put it away last night and decided I would figure it out today.

    Well, with 200 thumbtacks at hand, a hammer and a good attitude, I am reporting total failure of this product. I consider myself a pretty handy person (plumbing, household maintenance, no problem). The cheap frame (that you have hammer together yourself) has splinters that put a small hole in the canvas in the corner. Stretching the canvas is very difficult with only 2 hands and if you like your photo's level, you can pretty much forget it. I have made 2 solid attempts totally over an hour of time. Still no better.

    I am waiting find out if they will return it AND send me a shipping label, but I am fairly certain that will NOT happen.

    This is a seriously misleading! Don't show the finished product on the site and deliver a half finished product. OR show the upcharge to purchase it assembled...then a customer will know what they are getting.

    Father's day present - Ruined! thanks

    While the price point is very attractive, you will never get the product you are envisioning from this site. spend the money at shutterfly or snapfish or any other site with decent reviews.

    "you get what you pay for" -

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  • Bu
      29th of Jun, 2012 - Stay away from this vendor
    United States

    Extremely disappointing experience! Nowhere during the ordering process does it tell the shopper that your canvas and frame will be delivered DISASSEMBLED. You are required to put the frame together, then stretch the canvas over it (try to get it straight - not happening), then staple it to the frame. The instructions are ridiculously inadequate. STAY AWAY FROM THIS VENDOR.

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  • Ra
      10th of Aug, 2012

    Dear Rhonda, Thank you for your feedback. We sincerely apologize that you have had such an experience and that you were not happy with the product you received. We’re happy to announce that our canvas prints now come stretched on the frame. Ready to hang on your wall and at no extra cost to you. Your feedback on this topic has been heard loud and clear and we've been working around the clock to bring you this better customer experience - and still under our Best Price Guarantee. Please feel free to send me an email directly at [protected] and I can see if there is a solution we work out for you. Thank you for your cooperation.

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