Canterbury PediactricsTurning a child away with head injuries

My 9 year old daughtor had falled down the stairs at home and had a pretty bad bump on her head right by her eyebrow and it was the size of a baseball and almost immediately bruised. I called the Pediatrition and we got an appoitment for 12:30. My husband took a hald day off work to take her and works 40 min away which was no problem but he ended up being 10 minutes late to the appoitment and the doctors office turned my husband away when he braught my daughtor away. Apparently the doctor who was going to see my daughtor had a meeting. Why would we have an appoitment made if the doctor was going to be in a meeting anyway.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Monroe, CT My husband was 10 minutes late! There are many doctors in this office, no one else could see her?? We would have waited, we always do anyway. In the mean time my husband had taken my daughtor to the emergency room to find out she had a minor concussion. We go to ur doctors for help and guidance when we need it and when you need them the most they turn you away? What if my child had a serious head injury? They turned us away...with a child ...with a head injury.

Now i have to change my doctors after 9 years of being with them, i have always loved this office but this changes everything.


A very concerned and confused mother

Amanda L.

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