Cane's Chicken FingersService

just pass midnight, March 27, 2016, I ordered 1 box combo for $7.29 +tax, carry out. When I and my wife opened the box at home noticed Coleslaw was missing. Called the restaurant they said they were sorry and gave me a code for a diner package replacement. I leaved across the street went back represented my code number and a young lady told me to stand in line. I told her I already stood in line. She asked me to wait until the manager (another young lady) who was behind the register is done working. After 10 minutes waiting asked for the manager. She came back with 3 packs of Coleslaw. I told her she supposed to gave me complete box combo. She refused and I asked for the manager.Eventually the young lady who took care of drive thru orders showed up and told me she was the manager in regular outfit. Anyway, I never got the chance to talk to the manager and came out empty handed. I feel sorry for the owner that left his investment with bunch of young inexperienced kids and let my lawyer take care of this stupid issue. They lost their quality within few weeks after their grand opening. Chicken used to be Moist and Tender covered with FINE bread crumbs.

Mar 27, 2016

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