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Candytwist dating site / Fraud

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Candy Twist say they are a dating site.

I never had one date from that site including no direct email contact with any one. Except the complaint department of Candy Twist.

It is a scam dating web site.

I did not receive one direct reply from any of the hundreds of emails i sent out.

This contrasts with DatingDirect and Plentyoffish one dating site you pay for membership the other is free respectively. On both i was exchanging emails within 48 hours and went on dates after a week and a half. And i have been on and off them both.

On Candy Twist the photos of ladies do not look like the age the print next to them say they are. They are examples of that in a significant number of the pictures.

I have over 50 ladies from i no not where wanting to meet me, i would agree to meet, initially emailing my number so we could talk first to see if we got on giving the option for me to phone them or visa versa. Although they would agree to meet, (the meeting initiated by them)i offering to call them, nothing would materialize not even a reply email. The women did not exist.

I think most of the women's pictures on candy twist are of women who are not members of the site the ones who contacted me and i contacted i do not think are members of the site.

Lastly the "facts" of them selves the height the the women in the "facts" are all between 5' 4" and 5' 6" now that is all of them. Then they are all athletic or slim. Amazing that the entire population of the women who contacted me would have those dimensions. All a concoction of candy twist.

The dating site is taking money under false pretences, that is fraud and therefore should be shut down and money reimbursed to all of its customer.

That's my experience of candy twist here in England


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  • Ac
      25th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I agree entirely. I was contacted by so-called members of Candytwist during about 4 weeks, whereby I replied, and they replied, but I was still a free member, so I could not read the girls messages, and Candytwist says, that the girl knows I have sent her a mail, but cannot read it, unless I upgrade and pay for Premium Membership. I finally paid for a 3 months membership, and thought at last I would be able to actualy have an exchange with these girls, so I told them I had upgraded, and that now, at last, we can talk on IM to get to know one another before meeting up, but I have never received any more messages since upgrading.
    I live in Switzerland, and having done several searches of people who are supposed to be members of Candytwist, I only found very few in the whole country. I have sent a few mails out, no replies.
    It is true, that in the "facts" part of the profiles, only certain parts of the profiles are filled out, and the rest is marked as "ask me".
    I have been contacted by a couple of women in the States though, but that doesn't help much if I want to meet these people!
    I am getting very disappointed in these Dating Sites. I have also been a free member of AmateurMatch for about 6 months. I get 8 offers a day from girls, and have had about 550 girls altogether who have contacted me, and they are all marked by AmateurMatch as living in Switzerland. Then they start saying they live near to my town, and even in the town where I am living. I done a search with the search feature of AM from a 100 mile radius of the biggest cities in Switzerland, and there are only about 8 members of AM in the whole of the country, and most of them have not been on the site since 3 months., Another example of a big scam, I did not upgrade on that site, and unfortunately did not Google Candytwist before I upgraded. I only upgraded 3 days ago, but I know the girls I was exchanging messages with were not on vacation, as they were marked as having been online in last 24 hours. One of them was marked online, when I sent her a message saying I had upgraded. NO REPLY. I have contacted others., NO REPLY. So that is around 60 Dollars down the drain, and a lot of disappointment. After all, there were only 2 girls who interested me, and I only upgraded to contact those two. I am fed up with being scammed. I have been scammed over a Skype connection with a girl, with whom I had a (which I really believed was true) relationship which lasted 8 and half months, I lost 28000 dollars, although I consider myself intelligent. That left me with only 2000 $ left in my bank account. I promised that girl at the start that if she was scamming me she would pay for the rest of her life. I have given her a delay until 15 september to start sending me at least 20.000 dollars (5ooo a month via Western Union) during a 4 month period, and if she does not do that, I will put all the proof and all the info I have (I also have a webcam pic of the girl) out to about 10 different places, including of course the FBI. I know it is not a guy, unless the girl on webcam was hired by a guy, and even if that is the case, the person who was on cam cannot hide, because that person exists. She lives in Ghana, so I doubt she would ever be arrested but if she were, she would have to give names. I do not want to have to do all this work of putting all the proof, and proofs I have found of her on Anti-Scam sites together, so I am trying to get a part of my cash back. I told the girl at the very start that if she was scamming me, I would destroy her entire life. I promised her that. I try to keep my promises. She is very professional, I have been without contact for a while, but I published the webcam pic on Twitpic (that was a shot over the bows) and got a reaction from her best friend. Also, got a reaction from the girl herself who says she did not want to talk to me any more, but her best friend pleaded with her, but we have not talked yet. We had a very normal relationship, except the girl always had problems; money problems obviously, but things seemed to be working out to a happy ending. Well it was not the ending I was expecting. First of all I suffered very badly emotionally, after I got over that, then I started thinking about all the cash I had sent her. I am 62 years old. I never go out. I am on an Incapacity benefit so I do not get a normal income like most people, just a minimum from the Government. And now I needed that cash so I could meet other girls, like from Candytwist, but seems that will not be a problem since these girls do not seem to exist. I will upload a pic of the girl, who says she is in Kumasi, Ghana. A snapshot of high quality which I took when she was a few seconds on webcam.
    I do not believe any girl who contacts me via the Internet any longer, and I have been contacted by Russian Girls, and others, they were all guys, but they made mistakes. I find myself in a situation that even if I had a webcam contact with a girl, that I would never know, if there was not a guy behind it. I would have to have a contact with someone local here in Switzerland, where we could meet up in real-life, so that I know that the person is real.
    An intelligent person in love, becomes very quickly a fool. I now have all the tools to check any mail by it's IP address, I would Google any girls name, e-mail, and check her photos against a Database of over 100, 000 girls via an Anti-Scam site now, but the damage has been done, and I have really badly suffered over the last months.
    I will leave it there, but if anyone reads this and wants to know how to check a photo, they can go to, where you can browse thru your pics and they have an application which will check the photo against over 100, 000 photos. If there is a match, you will be directed to the right site (they have access to info from several sites), and usually there is a forum of information exchanged, also other pics the same person might have used and different emails. Someone tried to scam me using 3 different email addresses, 3 different sets of girls photos, but it did not work. The girl/guy said she lived in England, asked me to send money via WU to Nigeria though (strange), so I checked the IP address thru an application called, and found the mail came from a server in Nigeria. That was where the girl/guy made a big mistake. I am really very wary now. You cannot trust anyone. Seems like all dating sites are scams.
    Even in real-life, it is hard to trust people.
    I think I have said enough there. Thanks for letting me comment.

  • Wi
      16th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I completely agree with all that's said. I've had so many messages from so called Girls, who do look amazingly hot, far too consistently. And the fact they want to get to know me without me even having an image on my profile? WTF? I doubt these beauties would be this desperate for an empty profiler. I would avoid this site people!!! See my attached image, I doubt all these people want to contact me with no profile or anything. Noticed how they're all locked too? They're trying to get you to buy in to get anywhere. And that's fake as it is as far as I understand from you guys. I'm not buying into this fraud.

  • Li
      23rd of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Well in acutal fact, i never really trusted in the candytwist website when i joined, after realising that i don't get reply from anyone, and i never updated it. However i do know one decent website, which i think is real and it's for free. u can msg people for free, upload dome photots, wink at them, and most of them have picture and personal information. the website is called, this is the only website i thinkj is decent and real life, because everything is real, and usually if the person is online, they'll reply immediately. YOu can also take some tests/quizzes for fun. also they compare ur percentage with another person, and in this there;s this red arrow at the top (quiver section) it means that there is someone who is interested in u. and sometimes there's this new envelope thing at the top right, (meaning there's a new msg), i suggest u guys try this. and this is all for free :)

  • Hy
      13th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    I totally agree. I found the dating site a even causing several problems of certain pages. When I tried to contact them by phone I got number unrecognised or just never connected. By email I didn't get any response at all.
    Like Bon973 I have 100s of women contacting me with messages saying they wanted to contact me. When I replied I either got no response or a message totally unrelated to anything I have said.
    WARNING to anyone who is thinking of joining Candy Twist website, DONT!

  • Lo
      1st of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    Candytwist is just another scamming site, along with many others (Benaughty, xxxbook and so on). While I have met a good friend through ( is pretty much the same format from the same company) you do need to be careful about who you put your trust in and take care with your membership payment methods perhaps by either using a limited funds visa card or temporary card. I havent actually joined any of these sites as a full paying member but was lucky enough to have some actually initiate contact with me which means you can communicate back.
    After some trial and error I have found OKCupid and Plentyoffish both have some legitimate people who will communciate but as above, always take care and never ever send money no matter how desperate they are or seem. In fact Plentyoffish has guidelines to help you identify scammers.

  • Ty
      4th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    This is definitely a scammer site, I only realized after I paid the money and I stayed on for few months to confirm. I would get several requests to meet up which never seemed to materialize. And those women who sent messages with their e-mail contact were all scammers, one sure way to find them out is to ask to make contact via the phone very early. Never send them too much information or additional pictures, they can probably use it to scam other people. There other tell tail signs you see in their messages which I won't say here but read between the lines if you get me grammar.

  • Ti
      24th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    yep guys i got taken from candytwist, after i first joined about 3 months ago i felt that it was not a honest site and wanted my moneyback but they didnt respond ( i paid for a 3 month membership) so i figured i got screwed. i didnt think i needed to close my acount since i only authorized a 3 month membership. and yes i had the same issues with ladies contacting me but i'd write back and then it was like they disappeared. well i just saw on my bank statement candytwist charged me a few days ago for a renewal of my membership ( another 3 months) i never wanted that and i called my bank and they told me since i didnt cancel my account their before they had charged me on 12/17 there was nothing they could do. i explained to them that i only purchased a 3 month membership when i first joined and that was all i wanted and feel they dishonestly have charged me again because it was only 7 days ago and i do not want their services at all. i wrote candytwist immediately and told them i did not authorize that renewal and i wanted a refund but i can bet that i'm out of luck. yeah i will never join any dating site again. the scammers and fraud and thieves that swarm the net are enough for me to say i quit and never again. yeah in normal life its hard enough to find a honest person but at least in real life the person shows themselves. after dealing with this and other heartbreaks i actually believe some people are meant to be alone, its the best way to protect yourself in my opinion.

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