Candlelight ApartmentsCustomer abuse/discrimination

My girlfriend and I were living in hotels before we moved into our first apartment together- Candlelight Apartments. When we first applied we were promised a single bedroom apartment for under 500 dollars (our lease manager told us this). When we came back with the security deposit to move in, she told us that she had to move us into a two bedroom apartment, which we are paying 699.00 dollars per month. Plus the security deposit was more. But that's not it.
We were also told that light bulbs, filters for the central air unit, and other repairs including doors and blinds were covered by our rent fee. I went in last week to report that the apartment needs two new blinds, a new bulb in the hood of the old stove, drip pans on the range, and other things. After about a week still know one has came to even inspect the apartment or even talk to us. Today I went in and I talked to the same lady and she played dumb with me and told me that now we have to pay for repairs. Before we signed the contract we were told that everything was covered. Are they gonna start charging us for the grounds labor now outside our contract?! My girlfriend and I have never had problems till we moved here. We are being abused. And it seems like we are doing there job, even though we give them our money. We are looking forward to leaving because we are feeling mistreated. We are afraid to move right away cause, and we want to have a clean rental history. I feel like we are being scammed and I am sick of waiting for them to grow up.


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