Canadian Television / Children and teen shows


As a viewer of all channels on our canadian televisions. Why are you allowing broadcasters to cater to adults. It is pathetic that I cannot turn on the tv for the children and nothing is there for them to watch. If there is by chance a show I want for them to see, I have to pay extra for it. What is it with these stupid shows, again catering to adults... Big brother. Good lord, my 5 yr old acts more mature. Not one show is the slight bit educational, nor any kind of shows suitable for any child... Animated or real... In the age bracket from 5-14. Violence, stabbing, swearing, too many sci-fi shows, real or animated. What is wrong with this picture, literally. Back in 60's-80's shows were more exceptable. Disney, sesame street, etc. The question here is who is priority in the entertainment side of things to hopefully keep children, children. Television exposure can be and is dangerous.

Mar 15, 2017

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