Canadian Mail Order Exchange Inc.Scam charges


My children's vacation were drawing near and we all family decided to go to some deserted place as my children were very keen to visit some place. As I had no boots I decided to purchase them and placed an order for the desert boots from Cdn Mail Order Exchange Inc and also send together with cheque for $30 93 cents - They cashed my cheque which I received cheque with my bank statement but its month since I ordered and I have not received the desert Boots. The vacation is very near and the tickets are all booked. But my boots have not yet arrived. I tried to contact them but there is no phone number mentioned in their catalogue - or E mail address. This is definitely a scam. I am posting this matter in the complaintsboard for others as a warning so that they do not fall in to the same pit as I did. Holidays have started and we are supposed to leave tomorrow but I have no boots yet, I think I have to manage with the old boots only.

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