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Canadian Legal System / No help for Victims of Rape & Abuse in Canada.

1 Grand Bank, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Review updated:
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A family was destroyed as young children by Incest, Child Rape and Abuse of every kind in a small town of 2500 people. Supreme Court Judges, Politicians and RCMP are involved and in a position of " Conflict of Interest" and pay a hooker, their mother, to keep quiet, in this case, in Newfoundland. Their names and why are evident on Harrietts Customer List at this Website; I, Byron Prior, spent 10 months in Ottawa, Canada, at Parliament with the appropiate permits issued by Gov. and RCMP officials and gave out 22, 700 info handouts with their names. The Justice Dept. took 300 pages of my info and did a 10 month review of my info, still no action. The criminals protect themselves and the victims are persecuted. Contact me any time, my contact info is all over our web site. Thank you. Byron Prior.

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  • Sa
      12th of Mar, 2009
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    criminalization of poor common in Canada since Mulroney;
    entrapement to deny rights, disenfranchize, then loss of privacy and further criminalization and slavery the usual process as far as I can see; then culminates in human rendering at Salmon Arm (NB possibly connected to current _Sal_vation _Arm_y. convoy of trucks taking depressed to be rendered.
    projects to experiment at whim by fascist researchers/cia researchers an alternative to rendering but brutality of these is a war crime usually connected to racial/gender/belief system prejudice. see Samdra Sandoski's complaints on Harper's Harness and Helpers.

  • Tr
      25th of May, 2009
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    I just want to say that you are SO not alone - check out the Franklin case. This kind of thing is going on world-wide. Mind control, kidnapping and abuse of children, creating multiple personalities. My husband is from Canada and his daughter and her half-sister were abused by a man his ex-wife married. His daughter no longer speaks to my husband b/c she blames him for not saving her. He tried desperately, but the system did not support him getting custody, even though he tried. Just look up CIA, mind control, and see what you get on google. It's truly mindblowing. Our governments are NOT here for us, people - we must arm ourselves with the truth, and start taking a stand. So many lives destroyed. And do not doubt - standing up will put your life in danger - these people are beyond ruthless. So many have died trying to get the truth out. I've always wondered - is it easier just not to know, or to know and fight? Makes me so sad to realize what kind of world we live in. The children are so vulnerable. We must learn to protect them. I don't want to live in a paranoid way, but knowing what I know, how can I help it??

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