CanadasCarDealer / Unauthorized billing

This company contacts you if you use a company like autotrader. They tell you they will sell your car within 60 days or your money back. They don't tell you that in order to get a refund you need a signature from a commissioner of Oaths and the address they give you to mail it doesn't even exist. The phone number they give you when they first call does not work after you give them your card number. I obtained one number they answered which was [protected]. The manager is named Patrina but they usually hang up on you while you are on hold or she tells you she will call you back and never does. This is a huge scam. Don't get suckered into it like I did. thank god my credit card company refunded my money and filed a dispute against them. This is a scam. No matter how good and easy they make it sound DO NOT FALL FOR IT. save your money.


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