Canada Post / priority package not delivered on time

I had to mail passport documents for rush processing for Russian passport. The documents had to be delivered by December 5th in order to be processed before my current passport expired, otherwise additional documentation would be required which would take a whole year to process.
I mailed the documents with Canada Post Priority on December 1, guaranteed to be delivered on December 2nd (tracking #: MD [protected] CA). The tracking system online showed that the package was going to be delayed, expected to be delivered on December 5th. On December 5th at 10am, the tracking showed that there was a processing error and the package was "rerouted" with no update on when it will be delivered. I called customer service and after being on hold for 20 minutes, a very rude customer service rep told me the same information that I already knew from tracking the package online, told me it will be delivered late and keep checking online and hung up before I could ask any questions.
I phoned customer service back and after being on hold for another 15 minute another Customer Representative was only able to submit a ticket about my situation, while she could not tell me any additional information and because it was the end of the business day, no one else could be reached to track down the package or have any further action on the delivery.
There is no accountability for a service that Canada Post claims to be guaranteed. The package is now 2 days late for a service that is guaranteed to be delivered overnight. If you promise to treat this package as a priority, then why has there been no action on the delivery of the package for over 12 hrs?

Now that this package did not get delivered as promised, I cannot renew my passport for a whole year and thanks to Canada Post, I will not see my family for over a year. Merry Christmas.

Dec 05, 2016

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