Canada Post / parcel not delivered to company standard policies.

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Today I witnessed one of your mail personal, toss in a delivery notice with my regular mail. The employee didn't even have my parcel, and yes I was watching him the whole time. I even yelled at him to get his attention. He just walked off without a word. Then another one of your delivery drivers drove to my house, and delivered a parcel to my neighbor, while I have to now go get mine, tomorrow at 1 pm. Because the employee responsible for my mail was to lazy to deliver my parcel, I was right their in front of him. What kind of service is that, I should sue your company for allowing such negligence in your work force. At the very least I want the employee on my route. Strathcona hill rise sw to be either fired or disciplined to the highest degree, canada post can hand out.

I was expecting my parcel on 03/13/2017 not for tomorrow at 1:00 pm. I paid over $200 dollars for my parcel to be delivered when it is was said to be delivered.

Sincerely a really disappointed customer

Mar 13, 2017

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