Canada Post / parcel delivery directly to customer (not happening)

Port Perry, ON, Canada Review updated:

I have completed several online purchases with the intent of having them directly delivered to my son, his wife or my grandchildren.

Each time the delivery service is "canada post" and each time the direct delivery does not occur. Instead, the delivery is redirected to the nearest canada post outlet and and my family is notified to pick it up.

The convenience of ordering and having direct delivery is definitely a perk for me. My family lives a fair distance and it gives me comfort knowing I can reach them by sending a small or large token of my love.

My son works sometimes 24 hours in a day and this leaves my daughter-in-law to care for the home, children and perform all the chores. My gift, which is supposed to be delivered directly, instead she must pack up the kids drive a fair distance, into town and pick up the parcel.

This is embarassing for me and it takes away from the gifting because she ends up doing all the work.

Can you please look into why this is happening? I would appreciate either a call back or an email (at the very least)

The area in question, for deliveries is: Port Perry, Ontario

My contact information is: Donna Brown, [protected] email: [protected]

Jun 23, 2017
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      Aug 09, 2017

    Good luck. This seems to be the most common complaint I have come across in this section. It does not matter if someone pays extra for express post delivery with Canada Post and it definitely seems as if it is left up to the discretion of the mail carrier if in fact they decide to take the inordinate step of knocking on a door or ringing a buzzer to an apartment. We may as well all have our post boxes located at the local pickup place and forget receiving anything in our mail boxes besides bills and advertising. With the constant buzz about how AI and robotics are going to deplete the work force to nothing, I hope and pray that Canada Post delivery is the first one on the chopping block to become a victim of robotic delivery!!! If something important needs delivery, the best bet is to bypass Canada Post altogether and pay the extra dollars for a courier company to deliver. And for this "wonderful" service we receive, we are expected to endure postal strikes every other year, the like of which no other country in the world goes through.

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