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We purchased our brand new 2017 M292 Mallard Heartland Camper from Camper World in Council Bluffs IA around the first week in September. It was already missing a kitchen drawer but they assured me they would get it order and have it in a week or two. I called in a couple of weeks and nobody seemed to know what was going on with it. I finally got someone in the warranty department and she tells me that they have been trying to contact Heartland and nobody is answering the phone, but she would keep trying. I called about every couple of weeks, getting the answer it should be coming it was ordered, we will call you when it gets in. On top of that the day we purchased the camper their computers were down and they were running on one lap top that someone had. The paperwork was a nightmare and of course they never mentioned any of this before hand, they waited until they were done with dealing and working out the price.

Then it came time to license the camper and everything was suppose to be sent to the DMV and all I would need to do is go the the DMV. Well that is not the way it worked out, I took off work early, waited in line at the DMV only to find out that they did not send a signed purchase agreement. Tried to call them to fax it over, but no their phones were down that day and when I called the corporate office answered. So I ended up taking another day off early to get it licensed.

At the time of our camper purchase we had a hitch with sway bars put on, (which Camper World installed) because they recommended it. It was a good purchase because it does make a big difference. We took it on our first trip to Texas over Thanksgiving and we only made it 120 miles down the road when the sway bar fell off. We ended up tightening the bracket and continued on our way, but checking it at every stop to make sure that it was still tight. After we get home we called Camper World and told them what had happened and they told us to take it off and bring it in and they would see what the warranty people would say about it. Being a Saturday the warranty people were not in so we had to leave it there and call Monday. We called Monday and got told that they would not cover it. We asked to talk to the warranty people got the phone number and email address and we are still dealing with this issue right now. If we are the one that has to deal with the hitch warranty people why the hell did I have to make a special trip to Camper World to drop off the hitch to them. They wasted my time, money, and gas, as they are about 70 miles away from us.

But with all of this still going on with the hitch, my drawer has finally made it's appearance almost three months later. But now I have to make a special trip back to Camper World to pick up the drawer and hope that it fits and to pick up a hitch that really did not need to ever go to them in the first place.

Pissed off and getting more pissed with each thing that seems to appear. When you purchase a camper it is for the enjoyment of being able to travel and spend time outdoors and have the comfort of your home away from home but when you have to deal with all the problems that Camper World has put us through you lose the enjoyment and it all becomes frustration.

Dec 07, 2016

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