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1 Olive Branch, MS, United States

I went to camping world in olive branch mississippi to buy my very first camper. It turned out to be the worse experience of buying anything in my life. I bought a used 2016 coleman 295qbs, we sat down and agreed to a price. This is where it starts goes bad. My salesman was cornelious jones. This guy has been employed there a long time and not sure how or why, if he treats everyone like he treated me. This is where it starts……after one and half hours he brought me the contract to sign on the price we agreed on. Well it was a contract for a totally different camper, he should have noticed that before he brought it to me…….. First mistake….. After 40 minutes he brought the correct contract back, but the numbers weren’t what we agreed to…. Second mistake…… after another 35 minutes we sat down again only to find that the numbers were wrong again………third mistake……i’m starting to get a little upset now… he knows what price we agreed to, can he not look at the contract and see that the numbers are wrong before he brings it to me? Ok I have been there for about four hours now. I went to hunt him down and find out why it’s taking so long to get the paperwork completed. He brings me the new contract with the wrong amounts again……fourth mistake…….. At this point I was pissed, very pissed. I told him I had been there most of the day and I was leaving. He said he would have the correct contract ready to sign where I come back tomorrow at 12:30. I left my truck there over night to get a brake controller and a hitch put on it. I came back at 12:00, found my salesman and asked him about the paper work. He stated that they are working on it right now. Well that had me upset because they had plenty of time to complete it. I sat at a chair very close to his office and after about 30 minutes he said my paper work was ready. We go to his office and he opens his desk drawer and pulls out my contract. I told him I thought you said they were working on my paper work and you had it in your desk the whole time…. He said yea I forgot I had it in there……. Ok I look at the numbers and they are wrong again………I go ballistic at this point….. The finance guy seen me outraged and came over to see what was wrong……I asked him was there a bunch of ### working there……I explained to him the problem…. We agreed to this price and my down payment is this much, and I will finance this much….. Why is this so hard to understand……he said no, that he would take care of it. This guy’s name was mike, he said he wasn’t here yesterday and he apologized for all the trouble. It wasn’t ten minutes and big mike came back with the correct numbers….. He again told me how sorry he was for all the mistakes..
Now for the good part of this whole ordeal….. Lisa walters was just wonderful. She helped me get the things I needed for my truck and assured me that they were the correct parts, and they were. Thanks lisa. My brake controller and hitch was never put on over the weekend. I came back monday and talked to mike, I think he was the service manager I think……great guy, assured me that my truck would be the first in line to be completed and it was. I told mike about the walk through that was done on saturday and that the tech had nothing running and that I wasn’t sure everything was working in the camper and i’m concerned about it. He said he would set up another walk through for me and that everything would be on and working for me to see. A guy by the name of randy presley came and got me to do the walk through. Wow this guy was amazing……he walked me very thoroughly through everything on the camper and made sure I understood how everything worked. Then he showed me how to hook up my camper to the truck, but he let me do all the work so I would get the feel of how it’s done. Great guy, very knowledgeable in every area of the camper. Gave me his card and said if I ever had any questions about anything or he could help me in any way just give him a call. This went from being a total disaster to be very pleasant experience. Thanks big mike in financing, lisa walters, mike over service dept and randy presley.

May 1, 2017

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