Camilla Olsson / Camilla Olsson Enterprises, LLC / 25 East 63rd Street apt 11 / Madam / Escort Agency / Introduction agency / Model Introduction / predator who sells access to young ladies to rich men in nyc, la and europe

Camilla Olsson from Camilla Olsson Enterprises LLC pretends to be connected to European Royalty, but she hides a dark secret: she is a madam/pimp based in NYC. She befriends models, actresses and other pretty ladies in order to sell access to them. Some women know she is selling access while others only know Camilla as a well connected woman who can introduce them to their next sugar daddy. Camilla sells access to each lady for 10-50k, depending on how famous the lady is.

Her clients are rich and powerful men located in NY, LA and Europe. She is well aware that many of these men treat women like [censored] (one of them is Russell Simons, the known rapist with a kinky side), but all she cares about is money and Camilla Olsson would send an innocent young lady into a predator's mouth if she could make a few bucks from it.

The bottom line is that Camilla is a predator who is also a human and sex trafficker. When she isn't selling access to actresses and models to rich men, she is also selling B rated models and actresses on platforms like Eros-Guide and others. She is a dangerous predator so beware if you meet her at a party and if she tries to get you to be part of her collection of pretty girls.

Jul 25, 2018

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