Camfocus USA / ordered product and then tried to take without paying

1 TX, United States

This company ordered material from our company and was present when we loaded the material onto trailer. The following week he ordered another load. He arrived to view the material and we started to load at his request. We reminded him that payment was due immediately following loading and that we would not release the trailer until we were paid in full. This was the payment terms for the first load so he was well aware that payment was due. A quarter into loading he was reminded again of payment terms since he made excuses that his bank would not transfer money after 3:00 pm and it was getting closer and closer to that time. We suggested that we load and hold the trailer until payment could be made. He was not at all happy with this suggestion and insisted that we release the trailer. We stood our ground and asked our employees to stop loading until this was resolved. He left after no party would give in. We waited for him to call back and let us know what he decided but it was obivious that he did not intend to pay or follow our payment policy. We had to spend time and labor unloading and even lost the chance at selling these items to another buyer because they were tied up with his order. This company saw a chance to get material without paying and was upset when we did not fall victim to his scam,

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