CameraPromo / Scam

1 New York, NY, United States
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They advertise a ridiculously low price. When you finally talk to a person, he tells a bunch of lies. " You need a bigger battery, because the battery that comes with the Canon G12 is only good for two hours". He wants to sell an expensive four hour battery, and has no idea of the battery specs. When asked if the charger will work on European 220 V systems, he says no, you need to buy a charger kit (but he has told another lie). Biggest lie of all, after taking all of your billing and shipping info. he very quickly slips in a much higher price, having added, in this instance, $60 for "insurance". So this is bait and switch (need bigger battery and charger), lying, and hidden charges. Avoid this company by all means. They should be removed from the internet.

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