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Camera.comp Specialist Pte. Ltd. / Unethical Behaviour and Scam, rip off, lies

1 220 Orchard Road #B1-01 Midpoint OrchardSingapore, Singapore Review updated:

I was approached by someone on the street advising that there was a sale on all electronics in Singapore and this shop was the best. Johnny Lim the Manager of the store started to bamboozle us with talk on how great a deal the Tablets were and how much we will save in comparison to Australia and all the extra's he would throw in. We ended up spending over S$2, 000 on products we could get in Australia for approx $600 each and he held his thumb over the amount when signing the Credit Card slip. Once i realised the amount we were charged then i went back to the shop and demanded my money back which he refused to give and then "upgraded" one of the screen sizes. He was a horrible man and i hope that no-one else gets ripped off by them. I have also complained to the Singapore Tourism Board hoping that they can warn people not to use this company and hopefully they can be shut down.

Jan 7, 2016
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  • Da
      4th of Apr, 2016
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    I visited Singapore at the beginning of March(2016) on transit to New Zealand.

    One day whilst crossing the road I was engaged in conversation with ( what he claimed to be) a true Singaporean.
    He commented on the fact that he had just been in Yorkshire ( UK) and also talked about the economy and how many shops in Singapore are offering massive discounts on goods.

    He then expressed a need to show my wife and I an electrical shop locally that was offering massive 70% discounts. I don’t know how or why but we were lead to the shop and became engaged in conversation with a sales person “Patrick”

    The shop was on Orchard Road called “Camera Comp Specialist PTE Ltd. 220 Orchard Road B1-01 Midpoint Orchard Singapore 238852” My wife and I are quite serious Photographers so had an interest in what they may have to offer.

    After some 20 or 30 minutes we were both somehow engaged in long conversations about various products that they had to offer. One particular Item was a Wide angle Macro Lens adaptor which he demonstrated on his own cameras and the results were very convincing. So much so that I showed an interest in purchasing. He then went on about camera batteries and how Singapore will not allow Chinese manufactured batteries in the country and how the ones they had were high capacity batteries made in Japan.
    Again this could be of interest as battery capacities are always needed when taking many shots during weddings etc.

    He then started asking my wife if she needed a computer tablet. She declined but indicated that she had a very old mobile phone. He then jumped on this and offered her a Samsung mobile J2 which she found quite interesting. He then also asked about her camera and said that he could offer here a long life battery as well.

    Don’t ask me how but we both got sucked in and ended up parting with SING$ 3168. 00. They also kept expressing the cost in £sterling with the 7% Singapore tax removed.

    Back in my hotel room I tried the lens adaptor on my camera and to be honest it did not work in the way he had shown.

    I went back to the shop and was basically told I did not know what I was talking about and they once again demonstrated that it worked. ( but it was clear that had some techniques for showing how it worked.)
    By the way I was quite tiered and jet lagged as we had not long arrived from London!!! So my arguments were not too strong or well thought through. He fobbed me off with an additional lens adaptor trying to make me feel better. But I was still not happy.

    The next day we had many visits to make in your lovely country so left it there for the time being.

    The following day we left for New Zealand. During some quite time at the airport I looked on the internet for the items that we had been sold. ( prices approximate but in the region of depending where purchased)

    Lens adaptor £ 75 Sterling
    Secondary lens adaptor £50 sterling
    Long life battery for my camera £25 Sterling
    Long life for my wife’s camera £25 Sterling
    Samsung Mobile phone model J2 Duos £85 Sterling

    Total £260 Sterling about SING$465

    So Camera Corp Specialist PTE Ltd. Extracted more than SING$2500 from us for goods that were not of the value sated. And apart from the mobile phone which works fine did not perform to the standards that they stated.
    Oh I did get £79 Sterling back at the airport when leaving Singapore. And I am surprised that they are a “ preferred tax refund partner!!”

    I have been in contact with them by e mail and they have tried to offer me a computer tablet to placate me. I suggested that a new Mobile phone “might help” and they promised to send me one on the basis that it would be a “full and final settlement of my case!!” So far no phone has arrived here in the UK.

    I realize it was totally my own fault. “Let the buyer beware” But I am writing this e mail in hope and expectation that some action can be taken to stop these people taking hard earned money from visitors for goods that do not have the value or performance they state. This type of trading should be stopped especially when it seems they target the visitors with Jet Lag.

    This whole episode rather blighted my visit to Singapore and has made both of us think twice about a return visit.

  • Ju
      9th of Oct, 2016
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    It is such a familiar story with this company and the operators who work there, yes we were also blinded with overload and as a result have a bill of 4885 SGD - a big chunk out of our holiday money / plans. It is hard to believe that this firm is still able to operate considering the number of complaints.
    We have contact the local tourism board and the Consumers Association however don't think we will have much luck, these people are just too well organised.

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