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Camerabox Limited/ / Customer Care is Appalling

1 England, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Worst customer service ever, I have never been treated so badly, their after sales service is appalling.
Nikon D700 £1600 bought on 10 Oct 2009, arrived next day.
The camera became faulty on 10 Dec 2009, sent it back Royal Mail on 15 Dec.
16th Dec Camera not received, waited 10 days, still no camera, put in a claim to RM.
RM investigate and send a P91 form to CB to confirm they had not got the camera.
P91 returned to RM by CB saying they DO have the camera, RM close the case.
I contact CB, to see when I can get my camera back, they say they haven't got the camera.
Case re-opened with RM, CB tell them they don't have the camera.
CB confirm to me numerous times and I pass on the info to RM.
After much discussion with RM, they re-send a P91 to CB to confirm the camera is lost so they can send me the compensation.
CB return the P91 on the 17th Feb saying they DO have the camera, RM close the case.
I contact CB again, after more than two months, they admit to having my camera and it's at the repairers.
After many emails, CB say my camera is still at the repairers (over 12 weeks).
I understandably lost my rag and sent them a 'no holds barred' email telling them what I think of them with choice language (but not threatening or personal).
About an hour later Mr Cotter from CB called.
Mr Cotter talked at me and I listened patiently, he said "I'll let you have your say in a moment when I finish". He finished, but was not interested in a single word I had to say, instead telling me that he'd teach me a lesson by not doing anything to return my camera any sooner, nor giving me a refund or replacement.
I found CB to be rude, patronising and not interested in customers grievances in any way shape or form.
PLEASE, do not deal with this company, if anything goes wrong, you will regret having anything to do with them. Pay the few quid extra and buy from a reputable dealer.
Google 'camerabox complaints' you have been warned!
Oh, and their cameras are grey imports!


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