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Camera Addict /Garmin nuvi 660 gps / Pricing Policy

1 337 East 89 St.Brooklyn, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-849-0887

I called to get information about Garmin Nuvi 660 GSP and talked to Jerry(CSR) . I told him I would place the order online but he insisted that he would take the information over the phone without having me go through the hassle. The product was advertised for $471.00 and he convinced me that a battery upgrade was necessary and upgraded D/C adapter was needed the total came to $549.99. I had an account set up by Jerry which I could not access because the company did not send me a temporary password. I had a chance to enter my email address to receive a password. The system told me I had an invalid email address but I did receive my order confirmation under that address the previous day. I called back to verify my order status using their voice mail system which asked me for my order number and zip code. After entering in the information I got a voice mail response that this is not a valid order. I tried this 5 to 6 times with the same result. I called Camera Addict to ask about my order and tell them the problems I was having tracking my order. The CSR assured me that this would be corrected and he would send me a password. I did not get anything. I received an email with a tracking number but no invoice. I called back after 3 days because I did not receive an invoice. I talked to Gabe (CSR) which was very helpful and he immediately sent me the invoice information. The invoice listed each item but no price for the items. The Garmin item had the total of $549.99 listed on that line item. This is when it gets to be fun. I called Camera Addict back to get the cost of each item. The CSR was not able to give unit price because he said I bought a package. I told him I could not determine the correct charges of the merchandise. I pressed him and he would not give me the item pricing. I have looked at other web sites and I did not need the extras that were part of the package. I would not use Camera Addict because of their pricing tactics. The CSR told me if I refuse the shipment I would have to pay a restocking fee and would apply $447.49 to my credit card. I asked him the restocking fee again. He told me they charged 15% of invoice and $20.00 S/H. The CSR’s needs to be trained to help the customer instead of double talking. This is something which the company must instill with their employees. They do what they are taught. They must have been used car salesmen in the past.

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  • De
      4th of Dec, 2007
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  • Mi
      21st of Dec, 2007
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    I couldn't agree with you guys more!
    The staff online is very disgusting. I want to buy the digicamera Canon 40D. They said it is sold out and want to hang up. But actually on the website, it is said that the product is still available. If I paid yesterday, then I can't get it until after a month.

    The worse is that, I forgot to ask something about the product. So i called again. The man hanged up immediately as soon as he recognized my voice. I tried again, this time another man. He wanted to listen to me at the beginning, but the first man wispered to him and the 2nd man hanged over again!

    A big warning: be careful at online shopping! esp. by cameraaddict! They are totally unfriendly and thus not reliable.

  • Br
      7th of Jan, 2008
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    Stay away from them, 86th street and just about all the other sites that you can access from the google product search. They are a total bait and switch operation. They will confirm your order then try to get you to buy an overpriced battery/ charger etc. When you decline they will tell you suddenly the model is out of stock. Total scam. AVOID!!

  • Md
      21st of Feb, 2008
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    Garmen is very difficult to deal with.

    I tried for three days to order a dash mouny for my c330 from Garmin factory, no one around to answer the phone.

    The new North American nt 2008 update is full of old maps and address look up has serious problems. The new maps in some areas revert to maps that are older than 10 years gone by.

    Can not find cities in North Carolina by address search.

  • Cb
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    Same story for me as well! THIS COMPANY IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!!!!!!!! Please do not order ANYTHING from them and especially do not fall for the email that asks you to call them because they are having trouble authorizing your credit card! They will hard sell you a bunch of accesories you don't need and before you know it the price has gone throught the roof! Before I could call my credit card company to stop transaction they had already processed it! Didn't return my emails, did not answer phone calls, etc. I AM FURIOUS! PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

  • Ma
      27th of Mar, 2008
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    Camera addict was the worst online shopping experience I have had. I tried to buy a Sony LCD TV because they had a low advertised price. Well, you can't actually buy a TV for that price. Like the other complaints, I had to "confirm" my order with a very aggressive, even obnoxious "salesman". He lied about Sony's warranty and tried to sell me other high priced accessories. The final straw was when he wanted to sell me the TV supporting stand for $399. (Not a TV stand, just the part that holds the TV upright!) These guys are not to be trusted at all.

  • Br
      28th of Mar, 2008
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    Beware beware of camera addict, they use deceptive advertising to lure you in.

    I ordered garmin 780 gps online which stated lowest ligimate price. 1year usa warrnty.

    After giving my name address and credit card # and 3 number code which was asked I received order conformation and was told to call the compay.

    I called and they confirmed
    my order.When they tried to up sell me from memory card to warranty I refused.

    He then drops the bomb shell and tells me that the map in garmin 780 is european and if I want the usa version it will cost me another $53.00 I f the deal is to good to be true it proably is.I will contact the better business bureau and and attorney general to see if there are other complaits on this matter.

  • Ca
      10th of Apr, 2008
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    Camera addict is a scam. I had the same experience with all of you about I've order a JVC GZ HD7 camcorder. The camcorder status shows "Ship on order" . I even paid a little more for an expedited shipping time frame. Got an email from camera addict the next day to call and confirm my order. So I did and an automated message said they were close. I left a brief message and thought all was squared away. Unfortunately, 1 week has gone by and no camcorder in the mail. I contact cameraaddict and I was disappointed that the camcorder has not been shipped. The CSR tried to upsell other products in which I rejected them all. Then he tells me that the camera is a Japan model and has Japanese text. If I wanted the USA model, I have to pay more. I told the guy, no where on the website it indicated that the model was a Japan version. Worst of it, the CSR told me it was gonna take up to 6 weeks till I receive it if I want the Japan version. As upset as I was, I told him to cancel the order. Cameraddict has rude customer service and are not very helpful. NEVER gonna buy stuff from there again.

  • Br
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    I wish I had read this forum before I gave CameraAddict $2000.00 of my money for a lens I have not received. They are the most horrable people on this earth. They all have the same attitude, they lie.lie lie all the time. They have you call to confirm the order and hard sell you the American version for 400.00 mere. God I am heart sick about this. I have called and called email go unanswered...fax transmissions can this be there no one out there to look after the consumers intrests. These guys are just plain other explanation for their attitude. PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THERE CROOKS...CALL THE COPS .. I just don't know who to call...can anybody help.

  • Ma
      14th of May, 2008
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    Camera Addict is the ABSOLUTE WORSE. I have had a nightmare getting my order. I have been called and told the Infocus Projector I bought didn't come with a lamp at the price listed on the web. The salesman then sales me their INFAMOUS PACKAGE with a LAMP. I Called the salesman again afterwards and stated you mean the unit doesn't come with a LAMP? I called Infocus and they stated this was not true it did come with a lamp. The salesman also stated the warranty was only 90 days when INFOCUS offers a 1 year parts and labor warranty standard. THIS COMPANY IS THE ABSOLUTE WORSE. Do not fool with these guys. I called to ask when it was being shipped and the guy was so rude I decided to look to see if they have other complaints lodged against them and they have a total of 7821 complaints against them! WOW IF THAT DOESN'T SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THEM I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL...

  • Ma
      14th of May, 2008
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