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Cameo Lingerie / Horrible Service

1 United States Review updated:

On the 21st of March 2007 I've ordered eleven (11) items off their website. I was going to order a few more, but there was a note next to those about their status, saying that those were out-of-stock. They also promise on their website that in-stock items ship in 2-3 days. For a week no one contacted me regarding my order. Then someone from the company, named Amy, answered one of my emails by saying that they had sent an authorization form for credit card payment and they could send it again if I wanted them to. The same day I replied by saying "yes, please send it again", and again on the same day faxed the signed authorization form for 350 USD which was the total cost for all of the 11 items. At that point they still did not inform me about the mistake about stating the items as in-stock. They made me sign an authorization form to pay for the items that were not available! By the way, I was also trying to contact them via telephone, called the US number at nights (Turkey local time) considering the US local time and their business hours. The lady on the phone "advised" me that I should have ordered from e-bay not from their website directly. She was determined not to help me find out about the status of my order, also advised me to open a support case on the website, which I had already done several time, and hadn't get any replies for more than a week, one or two days after the phone call, again this Lady, Amy, was so kind to finally inform me that many items in my order were out of stock. The things that were stated to be "in stock" on their website, in fact, turned out to be "out of stock"! For the next seven days, I waited without doing anything, then started to try contacting them again in order to find out about the status of my order and whether it had been shipped out or not then.

After a while of uninformed vague waiting (a few support cases I had opened were closed down without being answered), after a few unanswered enquiries, on the 12th of April, someone was again so kind to reply by ask if I wanted my order to be shipped in two seperate parties, one party containing the items they had in stock at that time, another party with the backordered items when they arrive. Considering the authorization form I gave them, and my WASTED 23 days (order date was 21st of March), I told them to ship the ready items, I replied them on the same day, the 12th of April. Again waiting... 4 days passed (it was a weekend but I am sorry I had enough at that moment!) and I still had not received a shipping notice or anything of this kind. Again I contacted them by opening a support case, on the same day they emailed me back saying that they had shipped the first party. On the 5th of May I've received a notice from Turkish Customs Authorities saying that I should go there and claim for my goods which I ordered from Cameo Lingerie's website for my personal use and weighed only one (1) kilo. It was processed as if I was importing some stuff to sell here. Normally customs here in Turkey allow people to buy things online and receive them via postal service of up to $500 value, I had to pay $100 to customs since cameolingerie marked their shipment as sold for commercial use.

A few months later, after countless cases of complaint, someone who said that she is the owner of the company replied my emails, telling me that she looked over my order and saw that her employees did everything right. She asked me if I wanted to cancel the second part of my order and I replied "Hell, yes! Cancel it, I don't want anything from you or your company." In January 2008 I received the second part of my order which I can't even wear because my size changed, it's been almost a year! Besides, I had cancelled that order!

I have launched a complaint case with Better Business Bureau too.

Ohh I forgot to mention that I've paid 16 dollars for shipping.

I've been ordering goods from countries like Australia, Hong Kong, Great Britain, mostly without a shipping fee and never encountered such problem. Turkish customs do not require any customs duties and taxes for goods purchased from overseas and received via postal services unless they have missing or wrong declaration. All they needed to do is to properly declare that those goods I've ordered from their website were for personal use, not for commercial use. Or at least they could have sent them via express mail like DHL, UPS or Fedex as a courtesy to the customer they kept waiting for 2 MONTHS!!! Ok, enough, I am not the one to tell them how to treat a customer but I will not let this go without them paying the price for what they've costed me. They're still replying my enquiries (ofcourse after long waiting periods) in such a manner that as if they did everything properly and I'm complaining just for the sake of it. They keep advising me to check their declaration on their website about custom duties and taxes. AS IF THEY'RE SO ACCURATE WHEN STATING THINGS ON THEIR WEBSITE!!! IF SO, THEN, WHY HAVE THEY KEPT ME WAITING FOR ALL THOSE THINGS THEY CLAIMED TO BE IN-STOCK ON THE WEBSITE FOR SO LONG! Alright, I gave them lots of chances to compensate for their mistakes as mistakes can occur and it's not normally something I would fuss about this much, if only they would accept what they've done and try to correct it!!! They're harming the reputation of a country that has such good morals in business and famous with its endless-effort principle about satisfying a customer. Well, what I wanted was not endless efforts, just normal, regular, proper treatment and service.

P.S. You can check the 583rd article of Turkish customs legislation about
goods that come into the country via postal services for personal or
family use, as gift, as commercial samples and how they are exempt from
any customs duties and taxes.

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  • Sh
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    I placed an order on the 7th of August. The website stated that if you don't receive your order within 10 days to contact them. On the 17th, I contacted them. It's the 20th and I haven't heard a word back. I've e-mailed them twice informing them that my husband is in the military and is currently deployed, at the end of this month we get to see him for 18 days. It doesn't look like I'll have my $100 worth of lingerie in time for his R&R.

    As of today, almost two weeks later, my order is "Pending Fulfillment" on their website.

    On the website there is no contact number. I've searched all over the internet and the numbers I find have been disconnected. I feel like I've been robbed of $100.


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