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I am writing to complain about my treatment at the hands of a calling card company. My husband is deployed to Nigeria and I can call him using a calling card. This morning I stopped at a Kangaroo Express gas station and purchased a $10 Call N' Carry rechargeable prepaid phone card. On the back of the card it says, 'Only .20 per minute and up to 50 minutes of talk time to...(other countries) Nigeria.' So, after trying to place a call a few hours later, I was told that the rate was now .38 per minute and I only had 26 minutes of talk time. I just purchased the card a few hours ago! I called the company and their excuse was that rates are subject to change any time without notice. I feel taken advantage of and lured in by a 'bait and switch' tactic. I can't see how this is legal. How can they print a rate on the card and offer a completely different rate later when you want to make a phone call? Who regulates this type of action? How many spouses and other individuals have been fleeced by these types of companies, luring them in with low advertised rates only to discover that the rate is much higher? It can't be legal and it certainly isn't fair. Who can I contact to stop this?

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  • Kb
      Sep 24, 2010

    We have been Getting several Telemarketing Calls from Connect2world from India, they keep calling and calling day and night.

    Finally, we signed up for $20 with my Visa card. They Promised that they will activate my service within 10 mins of time. It has been more than 25 Days, my service is not activated.

    Moreover, today when i received my card statement, I was a bit shocked to see a $200 Charge by connect2world.

    Now, when I called the customer care number: 1-714-464-7400, no one picked the call. I was more Surprised when a Person by the name of Maksud Received the Call and said that the order was placed for $200 by me. When I said no, he started Arguing with me and later he started abusing me in very bad words.

    Finally, he said that he will block my service and make sure that I do not get my Money Back.

    For my uttermost Surprise, I also had a talk with the Call Center owner and he was just laughing his hearts out.

    I just want to aware all the Indians in USA and Canada, that please do not entertain any telemarketing calls from connect2world as this is my experience with them.

    I have nothing more to say apart from making a complain to BBB and lets see what else I can do to them.

    I did refer my friends to Maksud, I also need to check what He has done to my Friends.

    Connect2world is a Fraud Company, so please beware of Scams.

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  • Lo
      Jun 03, 2016
    calling card - Bad Connectivity
    United States

    I have spent $1000 on calling card. i started buying card in 2009 so i lost track of how many minute i have left in some cards. i email my all pins but i never got email back. i called 100 times but they never picked up the phone. it says 24 hours customer service but trust me they are not. DO NOT BUY CARD FROM THEM.

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  • Sa
      Jun 03, 2016
    calling card - Bad Connectivity
    United States

    Very Bad service they provide. If you have any issue each and very tie they will say there is no issue from their side. Whenever I try to call India it says no doesn't exist but when I call from my frd's Vonage. Its getting connected. The reason they gave first is iphone touch screen is not working fine so our system is not able to read the no but when from normal mobile as well I was getting the same issue. And Customer care service will keep u waiting for min 15 minutes. Worst Calling card service I have ever used. DON'T USE RAZA.COM.

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