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caller advantage 24/7 call MD / pressure calling and lieing

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I recieved a call at 9:02 pm from caller advantage to let me know I was selected to receive a $100 gas card and the only thing I had to do was pay $2.95 for shipping, I asked if I would be signed up for anything that I would have to cancel, or if there was anything else that I would have to do, I was told no, I asked again, , " there is NOTHING AT ALL that I will have to do?" and I was told No, I was just chosen for being a customer, I was also told that I didnt have to pay the $2.95 until after I received the gift card, so I went ahead and gave the man my credit card#, he then transfered me to another person who said that I was going to receive airline tickets, I advised him that I was not told that, he then told me that I was going to get some information on a couple offers, I was to look over the info, at this point I was getting upset because now it was becoming obvious that I DID have to do something to get the gas card, then the man transfered me to an automated line to verify my info, when asked again for my credit card# I hung up. This morning at 8:20 am, I got another call, I advised the man that I had been lied to and didnt want to participate, he said that my credit card had been charged the $2.95 and I would get the gas card, I advised him I didnt agreed to my card being charged, He said that he would send the gas card and NOTHING else, but I had to give my info to the automated line in order for my info to be deleated from there system and I needed to have the conformation #, if I didnt do this he couldnt be sure what would happen with my card info, so I gave the info but wouldent say yes at the end, so he got back on the line and said that I had to, I then told him that they were lieing to me and I didnt want ANYTHING from them, he said they are a ligitimate company and they wernt liars, I advised him that I had been lied to several times, he then said he would delete my info and I wont receive anything or any more calls, we'll see about that. I asked him why a few minuets ago he said that I had to give my info to the automated in order for my info to be deleted, he said that he never said that, these people lie to get you to agree on a recorded line and tell you that if you say OK insted of yes that you are not agreeing, I advised him YES and OK are the same.These people dont let you talk and contradict themselves over and over, Dont even listen, Just hang up. I wish I had.

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  • St
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    So far I have had no problems for the caller advantage. I got my gas card and used it and to date, I have not paid for anything other than the $2.95 shipping. I typically hang up on the telemarketing calls, but I must admit the lady that made the initial call got me, mainly because she did not talk fast and she allowed me to ask specific questions. I was concerned that there would be a recurring charge or that I would have to buy something. She was clear, they only wanted me to review the material they sent and purchase anything that I was interested in. She then transferred me to another agent who did speak fast. I asked her politely to slow down and pause because I had specific questions. When she didn't, I was firm and polite, but I told her that I wanted her to talk slower and pause for questions. If she would not do this I would end the call. She complied. So far, i am enjoying $100 dollars worth of free gas. Oh, I am sorry...$2.95. I would strongly suggest to ask the people on the phone to slow down. Tell them if they do not talk slowly you will hang up. Do not obligate to purchase anything, without reviewing the material is sent to you by mail. Go over your credit card statement with a fine tooth come. There were some great coupons in the material. So far, I have been satisfied. If you can't do this, then simply say, no thank you. Sometimes you have to say it twice.

  • Da
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    I started recieving phone calls after ordering the trial of the Extreme AcaiBerry. It was going on for over a week now. I have just been ignoring the calls. But now that I have been recieving them almost once an hour (at least 10 per day). I called the number back and got a recorded message stating if I wanted to recieve further information from the company to leave a message. If I did not want to recieve any more calls to press 9. It then stated my number had been removed from thier calling list. Not even an hour later I recieved another call. I amswered it and after screaming Hello about 5 times, I finally got a man that stated he was from Caller Advantage, told me that they would like to send me $60.00 in Gas cards, then read off the last 4 digits of my credit card. I told them to never call me again, but got no responce. I hung up the phone and imediately called my bank to cancel my card. I then called my wireless company(Verizon) and they bloced the number. I also went to the Federal Comminucation Commision and filed a complaint. Not sure if it will do any good, but I suggest everyone file a complaint against these people. The website is:

  • La
      12th of Jan, 2009
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    I got abut 30 calls from them before deciding to answer. I was told I would receive a free $100.00 gift card if I just took a look at the products they were offering. One was Auto Care Services, and the other MD and Leagal Ease, I asked all the obvious what is the catch questions and was told there was none. Not true. Trying to call and cancel my free trial look has been a nightmare. Either they are closed, don't answer, or the line is busy. Anyway, I received no gift card, but a coupon that entitles me to free gas if and it is if, I don't cancel my membership, so I am out $4.95 for them sending me the package. Now if all this isn't bad enough, after I said okay to the free look I got another 3 calls for the exact same offer (yes it was the same phone #) and when I told one of the callers that I even had the package coming in the mail, they basically called me a liar, and said that was not possible. I also told the called that I did not want to bother with the Legal Ease package because my husband is licensed to sell Pre-Paid Legal - she said okay and then sent the package anyway. HERE IS THE THING. THESE COMPANIES ARE PROBABLY OKAY, THE PROBLEM LIES WITH THE TELEMARKETERS THEY HAVE HIRED TO GET BUSINESS. THEY ARE THE ONES LYING, ETC.

  • Aa
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    I'm currently on hold with Called Advantage. This is my fifth time calling them. I was apparently signed up for an account (or free trial period) during a tele-marketer call in which I tried to do the right thing and be polite and listen. They sped through several minutes of talk; at the very end they would ask some question, such as confirming your mailing address, and then say, "Is that correct?" I tried to say "uh huh" but that was not okay, they needed to clearly hear me say "yes"; undoubtedly so that they had a recording of my verbal confirmation.
    The whole process has been incredibly circular with them repeating the same poor responses to my concerns. Upon telling them I wanted a refund of the over 100 dollars they have charged me, they said their policy did not allow them to make refunds. I then told them that I never agreed to join their program, so their terms and conditions did not apply. She continued to avoid my request for a refund, at which point I told her what they were doing amounted to theft. They had taken money from my account without my permission and were doing who knows what with it, but probably earning interest, so that even if they give me a refund, they've still made a profit.
    I was told I could hear a recording of the conversation in which I "agreed" to the terms of the condition. However, they told me that I needed to call tomorrow and place a formal audio request. They couldn't do it that day because they are only allowed to process two audio requests per day (apparently). Here's the funny thing. Other charges had been taken out of my account by a different company. I called them, they were extremely cooperative and allowed me to listen to the audio recording right away. Ironically, right before I allegedly gave my verbal authorization, "something happened" to the recording and it did not record the rest of the call. She said she would be happy to refund the money since they "couldn't prove" that I had authorized it. As if I'm the one trying to steal here.
    I continue to have a problem with Called Advantage. They refuse to allow me to speak with supervisors and give me constant excuses and what sound very much like false answers to my questions. Moments ago, they just transferred me to their main branch in the California office. The representative I spoke with asked what company I was calling in regards to I told her Callr Advantage and asked what company she worked for, as in what company was I calling at that moment. She said she did not understand why I needed that information. I told her I thought it was fair to know who I was dealing with. She then told me she worked for Caller Advantage, so I asked if that was true why did she need to know what company I was calling about. She informed me that they dealt with over thirty companies. I asked what the parent company was, and she said there was none. Clearly all lies meant to protect the tele-marketing company responsible for all of this. After arguing with her about why she couldn't tell me the name of the company I explained my prior situation and she was miraculously able to play the recording for me immediately. They cut the recording off after I "agreed" to some drawn out rambling statement and asked if I had any further questions. I said I did and that I never agreed on the recording to joining the program. We ended up having a nice conversation about consumerism and how what the company was doing was immoral and she understood that but she couldn't do anything about. She initially refused my requests to talk to someone higher up, saying there was no one higher up. When I asked if she was the owner of the company, she said certainly not and agreed to pass me over to the customer sales manager.
    Enter Sharon. Sharon reviewed my file and asked what she could help me with. I asked her to first tell me the name of the company she worked for. She refused, and continued to refuse, even under threat of legal action. We did the run around thing for several minutes, until she brought out the lecture on my rights and responsibilities as a consumer. She then said she believed what happened was that I knew full well what the terms and conditions were and that I just forgot to call and cancel within the trial period. She said that she was interested in keeping her consumers happy and was willing to refund me one more payment of 29.95, but if I took further action, I would not get any of that back. I told her, based on her argument, that she made a verbal agreement already to refund the 29.95 and she could not go back on that, and that I did not appreciate that sort of threat. She did apologize and said she meant I wouldn't receive any further refund. ( I also said I didn't understand what she meant by keeping her consumers happy since I didn't even know what company she worked for. I said thank you, and our call ended rather soon after that.)
    Is there any precedent for legal action against companies like this? I got lectured on my responsibilities as a consumer, but about the responsibilities of big corporations that prey on consumers and steal their money under supposedly "legal actions?" Does our government really value the corporations that continuously seek to make themselves richer by stealing from people so much that they are unwilling to protect the rights of the citizens? Or have they lost so much power to corporations that they're unable to protect us? At what point can we stand up and demand our rights as citizens and as humans to live a life free from corruption of this magnitude.

  • Gi
      16th of Jun, 2009
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