Calla Breeze Turbine Company / Product defect, false advertisement

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Phone: 951-665-3113

On or about June 5th, we ordered a wind generator from Calla Breeze on the Internet paid for over the phone with a credit card. After receiving the wind generator, the same day we installed the white wind generator, a thunderstorm came up and the blades hit the pole and knocked all the blades off. The generator is guaranteed for one year and 85m.p.h. wind. The storm that day did not generate that much wind, the local weather station claimed wind gusts of 35 m.p.h.

The fledgling Internet Company Calla Breeze sent us another wind generator, a green one with yellow blades. They expressed concern about our install stability so we installed the second generator closer to our shed and attached it to the shed with angle iron to eliminate any instability or movement.

After all this, we realized it did not generate the advertised voltage of at least 12 volts to charge batteries, but the highest voltage test produced 3 to 4 volts. They also, falsely advertise the unit puts out 1700 watts.

Another Florida thunderstorm came up about a week after the second install and because of the history of the 1st white generator we were nervous and watched from a bedroom window as we saw the blades hit the pole and again it broke apart.

We had been communicating all along with Calla Breeze and had expressed our disappointment in the false advertisement about voltage and the design flaw of the blades hitting the poles. They expressed to us in writing that if we sent the units back they would refund our money. We did so, using FedEx, and then they refused to refund the money saying we didn’t package the units up well enough, and that our install was the reason the units failed.

We put a tremendous amount of time and effort in this project. Calla Breeze has a design flaw in that their blades are too flexible, the hub is imbalanced, and the unit does not put out the advertised voltage or wattage. After several pleas through email and attempts at compromise, we feel our only recourse is small claims court. We want to send a message to Calla Breeze and its owners that they cannot continue to take advantage of customers by duping them with their wind generator’s product defects and false advertisements.

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  • Sh
      Aug 28, 2009

    see you in court ed and julie

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  • Rm
      Aug 29, 2009

    Yes these people are operating out of their home and do not have a test facility and, before they had a prototype of any sort, they started selling them on E bay.
    I have looked in the Southern California area (in which I reside, in the dessert) and have not found their test site. I have property all over this area and have asked several people in the surrounding desert cities if they have heard of this company. They have all replied "NO". I am also a city counsel member and we are looking into this company, that is privately. I do know the owners are Julie Mason and Ed Emmerich of San Jacinto California. If anyone has further information contact your local US Marshal Department-fraud division. They specialize in internet fraud and this type of behavior. These people must be stopped and criminal justice take place. They are young and also career criminals that need to be stopped. Please check your sources before you purchase anything off the internet.
    As you this poor person was taken and it's truly disgusting that people are doing this type of behavior.

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  • Ch
      Aug 29, 2009

    I had similer luck with these folks. Im from Colorado and was real interested in buying a bunch of their windmills and helping get them money to set up a factry here to make their windmills and help local folks like me that needs work. I was lucky I never bot anything from them. My boss was even willing to put money into helping them set up hear. They talked reel big about how much they was selling and their desert test place but when my boss and me wanted to come look at all that they got reel squirrly. They couldn't give us names of any of their "happy customers" or anything like that. Sure sounded like they was selling somebody else's cattle to me. Sorry you got hurt by them ma'am, but the Good Lord does take care of folks like that sooner or later. Good luck in court, you cant trust them lawyers neither.

    Chris in Colorado

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  • Ca
      Sep 04, 2009

    We had received a phone call from said customer indicating that her originally purchased turbine had been damaged during a storm. Since this is not a normal occurrence. We had concluded that the turbine must have been installed on a unstable mounting causing the turbine to be come unstable and her blades to hit the mounting pole.

    We sent the customer a replacement unit FREE of charge with VERY specific instruction's as to the mounting of the turbine. The turbine model that she had ordered is a 50 pound $1300.00 piece of equipment and should NOT be installed on a unstable mounting that has any movement.

    We then received a email from said customer indicating that she was having issues with the electrical installation on her replacement unit. We are always more than happy to consult with customer's on proper installation of the turbine units. However our tech had spent many hours on the phone with her. Concluding that since she had a very rudimentary electrical knowledge at best. She should hire a licensed electrician to install her unit.

    We then received numerous email's from her with video attachments. In the video files we received from her. It clearly showed that her replacement unit was not properly installed yet again. The video files showed that her turbine was installed on a extremely inadequate mounting pole. Allowing for violent movement of the turbine unit itself. The video file showed a wind speed of about 25 mph. With violent movement of the turbine. Thus indicating that even a slight increase in wind speed would have caused significant damage to the turbine unit. It was at this point that we were contacted by the customer indicating that her replacement unit had been damaged. The customer stated that the turbine unit was not moving at the time which the damaged occurred. Which according to her own video would have been a impossibility.

    We informed the customer that our warranty does not cover for damage caused by the customer or improper installation. She was insistent that her unit was not putting out the rated wattage and desired a refund. We informed the customer that she would be more than welcome to send the unit back to us to be tested. However that if it was testing under rated performance for that model we could not honor a refund. Since she herself had damaged both of her units and had already been sent a replacement unit.

    We were shocked by the condition in which we received her her return delivery. Upon delivery nuts, bolts and pieces were falling out of the very small box she had thrown the units (totaling over $3000.00) into. She supplied no packaging ie.. bubble wrap, peanuts etc.. and most likely caused further physical damage to her units because of this. Resulting in a total loss of $3000.00 worth of equipment.

    Her return units were tested by our certified electrician and were putting out the rated voltage for that model. We offered to repair her original unit at her cost. However due to the damage being caused by improper installation and improper use of the product. We were unable to offer her a refund. Our warranty covers manufacturing defects only. Not improper use and installation.

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  • Sh
      Sep 08, 2009

    see you in court

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  • Sh
      Sep 08, 2009

    this is the picture of the returned units,

    if they are meant to be installed out in the weather, surely they could weather the trip back in a box, however tightly squeezed in the box, sheesh,

    give me a break, the, , , , , , "they were damage on the trip back" scenario is laughable, really ed and julie, see you in court

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  • Sh
      Sep 08, 2009

    which is it, do you have video of the returned units testing fine, or were they damaged in shipping, lol

    you can't have it both ways,

    oh, the horror, look at the smooshed corner on that box, surely that caused the units to not work, lol

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  • Ch
      Sep 18, 2009

    WOW, Shellie Blum as any body with any type of common sense would know, and even seen in your very own photo YOU SUPPORTED THE MOUNTING POLE BELOW THAT COUPLING.YA AN 1 1/2 INCH COUPLING IS ALWAYS GOOD TO USE TO SUPPORT A WIND TURBINE.This is how you in stall a turbine? That is why we have installation instructions in ENGLISH.They are very simple instructions to follow.It is funny though that she can sit there and claim the things she claims when she has some 80 year old drunk neighbor install it for her with a couple old pieces of pipe that he had pieced together from the side of his house.A handyman that does not even know how to use a multimeter tester, or what a load test is.
    You spend money on a turbine and don't spend the extra 20 bucks for a new 1 piece mounting pole like you should have.You ruined two turbines because you failed to use common sense, or even follow the instructions for correct mounting.
    Looking forward to seeing you in court Shellie Blum of Florida.We are also filling against you for slander, false statements, and what ever else the Lawyer can come up with for this.The second turbine you ruined, and that one cost $1, 500.We bent over backwards to help you out, and went beyond what any other company would have done in the same situation, and then you bad mouth us and start telling all these lies about our company.We sell over 200 turbines a month, and that is 200 people a month that are able to follow and install our turbine all over the world with out a problem.It is because they read and follow our VERY SIMPLE instructions on how they should be installed.
    Then we have the great return shipping box.That states it all about the intelligence of Shellie Blum. The turbine is 8 inches wide and she shoved two of them in a 4 inch wide box with NO PACKING AT ALL. Over 100 pounds in an undersized box that is to be shipped 3000 miles with the expectation that it will be handled with care the whole time. Anybody knows that if ANYTHING is shipped with no packing that bad things are bound to happen it, but that is the unfortunate nature of somebody with no common sense. I am impressed that she just did not try to install the turbine on a PVC pipe with all those marbles she has.SEE YOU IN COURT Shellie Blum.
    and as far as the Chris from Colorado goes.Here is a pissed off person that wanted to start to make our turbine in Colorado, and we said NO.You think it would be kinda hard to make 200 turbines a month in a garage buddy.That would be one killer garage!!!
    I do have an office at my house though smart ###.

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  • Sh
      Sep 21, 2009

    i love the pictures of your wind generators and how they are mounted at your site,

    if one were to lead by example, which obviously you can't

    yours is lacking and a little droopy, lol

    bottom line, your wind generators can't handle much wind, lol

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  • Jp
      Sep 23, 2009

    I, Jim Prentiss, testify and swear that the following is true:

    1. Calla Breeze is trying to sell untested, unproven material, and using the customers as guinea pigs. I, along with 2 big fella helpers, was the installer of both wind generators, at Miss Blum's site.

    2. The first wind generator was put up and then taken down again, because the blades wouldn't turn, they were rubbing against the hub, and the electrical wires were attached backwards to the main hub. The second unit was put up, then taken down again, because the hub wouldn't direct into the wind, there was packing blocking the make shift bearing it sits atop.

    3. Finally, both times when a strong wind came, the blades, which are too flexible cracked against the pole and broke apart. The units never put out more than 4 volts, even on an electric drill with 5000 rpm capabilities.

    Bottom line, it's true, their wind generators can't handle much wind, and don’t put out usable voltage. Their wind generators are hunks of junk, period. They know it, and anyone else that may buy one, will know it.

    Also, I am 73 years old, not 80, and even if I was a drunk I know that red goes to positive and black goes to negative. No sense in name calling, just shows your pettiness.

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  • Sh
      Sep 24, 2009

    calla breeze is this picture from your backyard near your garage office,

    or your secret testing facility where you churn out over 200 of these things a month for all your happy customers, lol

    either way, you might want to take the pictures off all the websites, or risk your customers getting the wrong idea about how to mount your wind generators,

    way to lead by example, lol

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  • Ro
      Sep 24, 2009

    Iam glad to see Iam not alone, the same thing has happen to me, my generater was on a professonl installed tower, 2 days after we set it up, the blades sepparted from the moter and came crashing down to the ground, we were lucky, our grands were kids playing in the area, you can imagine what would have happened if it had hit any of them. I have been fighting for three months to get somthing done about mine, i bought mine thru a company that advertises for calla breeze. if any body is insterasted I will send pictures etc. I live in nome alaska, my e-mail is big_hurran

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  • Mo
      Sep 25, 2009

    Well Robert McGuffy funny you can have the same thing happen when you have never bought a turbine from us.We have records of our sales and you NEVER have been a customers of ours.I will email you so that I can Get your address.
    That is really funny ms blum ya even ours is not mounted right, but funny how that is the pole does not bounce around and it is still up and running.How about that he is only 73 and still does not know how to test a generator even drunk or should I say even not drunk if that is possible.
    By the way ROBERT maybe you should look into EFI. you will find out that that company started selling counterfeit turbines as ours, and if you contacted us directly we would have placed you with ALL the other people they ripped off and who have gotten their money back, but you want to bad mouth us too.If does not say Calla Breeze on it it is not a Calla Breeze Turbine

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  • Mo
      Sep 25, 2009

    I felt that I should right this note to tell my side of this Calla Breeze story.i am one of the happy customers.I left one on the rip off site too that this lady put one on.I have 2 turbines from this company an have had them for over 6 months now.i live on Binbow lake in washington state I get very strong winds here and the blades have never hit my pole or even look like they would.i think it is just that she had this 73 year old man install it like calla breeze said and he did not do it right.i can see from the photo that it has a coupling where two pipes where put can't put a turbine on a pole like that.they put nothing on the smaller pipe to hold it still.she needed some guy wires if she was going to piece the pipes together.Yes the company is right you can't test a generator straight out or you will fri it up it needs to be tested just like he said a load test.anybody wow knows alittle about generators knows that.i learned about turbines before i started to mess with them is sad to see such a good turbine get bad mouthed.that guy in colorodo you can email me as I am a satified customer of soon as my 3rd one shows up my mother will be a happy customer too.
    Raymond at [protected]

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  • Sj
      Sep 26, 2009

    I'm confused. First "###s" (LOL) posts a comment like it was from Callabreeze pointing the finger at everyone else but them. Then "###s" posts a comment claiming to be a happy Callabreeze customer from Binbow Lake, WA. "Cept there is no "Binbow Lake" in WA, and neither one of them can spell or use grammer worth a damn. And Callabreeze has no testimonials from happy customers like Raymond or anyone else on their website.

    What they do have is a record of getting kicked off Ebay for selling windmills they never shipped, and left someone else holding the bag... Guess that was the $ they supposedly used to pay back the people that bought the supposed counterfeit windmills.

    They did sell two windmills to someone in Washington that they actually managed to ship, but his name wasn't Raymond. Hey, Raymond or Callabreeze or somebody - wanna show us some proof that Raymond is buying a third wind turbine, or ever bought any at all like you claim McGuffy didn't?

    Callabreeze ###s say "That is really funny ms blum ya even ours is not mounted right, but funny how that is the pole does not bounce around and it is still up and running" but gee whiz, Mr Wilson, IT DOESN"T HAVE ANY WIRES COMING OUT OF IT! What's your definition of up and running? Up on the roof and spinning around? Maybe?

    Then there is the post from Chris Briden, sounding like HE is callabreeze. But Chris Briden (or something close to it) is the name of the owner of EFI that Callabreeze is saying counterfeited their windmills.

    WTF, dude! Put the crack pipe down and step away from the keyboard - I'm getting a real bad headache!

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  • Sh
      Sep 26, 2009

    whoever you are, sjtsr1959, and let's just say i have a pretty good idea who you are

    thanks for the laugh out loud,

    the crack pipe line, , , , , , , , , , , , priceless,

    and it's gonna be fun cracking on these wind generator geniuses, , , , , if you know what i mean,

    and yea, i have been having a weird connect the dots problem with chris briden, efi, and all those other aliases, but the truth will set us free, , , , , lol

    good thing california has a statute, 1029.8, that states a person is eligible for treble damages if a business is not licensed, things that make you go, hmmmmmmmm

    don't worry i tried to explain to the wind generator genius treble meant triple and wasn't a star trek fuzzy animal, lol

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  • Ca
      Oct 03, 2009

    Wow! Shelie Blum you have really gone off the deep end!Getting your facts from your own whacked out mind.You can't even find a lake in WA.Just like you could not even find the installation instructions .I have no need to make things up like you do.from your own words in your email to me:

    Shelie Blums said : did it ever occur to you the video was taken before the angle iron reinforcements it could have been put on top of a concrete pier and still would have cracked up
    Here she admits to the fact there was a serous issue with the installation of the first turbine, and then used the same mounting to place the new turbine we sent her(even knowing that she herself destroyed from improper install)She took her own video showing the turbine flopping back and forth with the pole having over 12 inches of movement.The she moved it to the shed, and added angle iron in order to stop that violent movement, but the damage would have already been done to the NEW FREE REPLACEMENT TURBINE.
    She new there was an issue bad enough that she had to move it in order to try and minimize her poor install of the first mounting pole.Yet she still claims it had always been installed correctly.Ya ok, Shelie Blum. Who it their right mind would just stick a pole pieced together from scrap pipes around the house in a hole dug in the ground.You can't even get a fence post to stay straight with out concrete, and you choose not to use concrete for a wind turbine? What are you thinking? or was that your 73 year old retired handyman trying to think for you.Was mixing up concrete to hard for him?Maybe you should have spent a hundred bucks for a real handyman with common sense, and who could have followed simple instruction.
    Was reading the instructions to hard for you both, so you just went by pictures that are taken just to show the turbine, and not even sent with the instruction manual.That must have been one heck of the meeting of the minds.WOW Really Shelie Blum?Are you kidding me?
    We don't hand out customers information to anybody, as that is not right.Maybe we should hand out your information to everybody!For you to ask for that is just stupid.Even with a customer responding to your claims you still cut them down, and call them lairs.That is why they are sending us sworn in testimony for us to use against you.
    By the way Shelie Blum.Yes it is a picture of our back yard with a turbine, as we are a turbine company would that be so hard to believe that we would have one of our own turbines at our house.We are in southern CA where the Santa Anna Winds blow harder that any wind you would get, and it is still up and running.You don't see wires because they are running inside the mounting pole, like they are supposed too be run, but I would not expect you to get that, as you never read the instruction or followed them.

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  • Sh
      Oct 04, 2009

    i am not sjtsr1959

    unlike you, i have not come on here and posted under different aliases, and the same aliases representing different people, lol

    i haven't called any of your customers liars,
    i haven't asked for their information,
    i don't care where or if there is a lake at binbow, lol

    even after this nasty last post i am willing to settle with you, postponing the hearing only delays the inevitable

    there is a robert mcguffey, he is patriotic and painted his calla breeze red, white, and blue, but, alas, it ended up like the 2 you sent me, lol

    my video and pictures tell the truth,

    there is more than one way to skin a cat,

    you know the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words", well video must be worth a million, , , , , ,

    settle up or see you in court 11-12-09

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  • Sj
      Oct 14, 2009

    Callabreeze won't give out customer info, won't provide hard data about all their supposed sales, doesn't have any happy customer testimonials on their website. If it looks like BS and smells like BS...

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  • Sh
      Nov 25, 2009

    we won,

    calla breeze,
    julie mason,
    ed emmerich,

    are losers

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  • Ca
      Dec 13, 2009

    You won nothing Shellie Blum, The cost of the turbine as based on our warranty, and NOT BASED ON ANY DEFECTIVE PRODUCT AS LISTED BY THE JUDGE. You only won that because you lied in court, and said that you had a licensed contractor, and a licensed electrician install the turbine, and even by your reports by the 73 year old drunk neighbor who was the one who installed it.We are now filling the appeal with the proof that he is in fact NOT LICENSED IN ANY OF THOSE AREAS. See you back in court, where you and your mother will be charged by the courts for lying under oath in a court of law.You see the only way you could even get what you got was to lie through your teeth, and that is what you did.That is ok, as we already knew you are a complete liar we just failed to bring the right proof of the lies you said.It was just hard to think ahead to know what type of lies you were going to tell.Then again you did not even bother to show up, and had to send your mommy, and now she is the one that will pay the price for lying to the courts.

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  • Rj
      Jan 18, 2010

    As a technical school in the Netherlands we ordered and paid for two Mini Breeze generators. The order and payment by credit card was done 0n the 17th of November 2009.
    Until today the seller did not send anything and is unwilling to do so. We did our complain at Google Checkout Support and we got the following answer:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your reply. Because the seller has been unresponsive, we will issue you a refund in the amount of $655.00 to the credit card used to place the original order. The funds will automatically be returned to the credit/debit card used at the time of purchase. To see which credit card was used in this transaction and to check the status of your refund, visit

    Our specialists should complete your refund within seven business days, and refunds can take up to an additional three business days to appear on your credit card statement. If the refund does not appear, please contact your bank for more information. If your card is now closed, please contact your card-issuing bank about forwarding the funds to your new account or issuing you a check for the amount of the refund.

    If our specialists are not able to complete your refund, we will contact you. If the refund is successful and the seller provides sufficient evidence that your order was completed according to our Terms of Service and their published policies, you may be recharged for this order. If you don’t hear from us within four weeks, please consider this refund final.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this order may have caused you.


    The Google Checkout Team


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  • Sh
      Jan 19, 2010

    This is so FUNNY the MASONS are our TENANTS at the 1417 Malaga DR Address in San Jacinto. THEY are getting kicked out because they have not paid rent!!! Anyone who is in the same boat of ED AND JULIE owing you money send me an e mail. [protected] If i can help I will, You should check out her court dealings in RIVERSIDE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURTS search MASON, JULIE shes been evicted twice ... TOTAL SCAM ARTIST BTW her (Julie) photo of the white windmill at the test site??? THAT IS IN THE BACK YARD OF MY HOUSE WHICH SHE RENTS (DOSENT PAY), however its attached to a car battery and powering 3 garden lights???? THEY ARE CRAZZZZZY people!!! and the wind mill is attached to a set of pool steps in the back yard!!! SO FUNNY...

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  • On
      Feb 26, 2010

    Shellie Blum, I am so sorry you had to deal with those crazy people from Callabreeze. Ed is a complete psycho, and to be quite frank there windmills are a piece of garbage. They have no idea how to run a company. They make there windmills for about $450 to 500 bucks. Piles of ###. The pictures on there website are rotated a little because the fricken windmill is sideways, and not even hooked up correctly. There testing facility is in someones back yard that they dont even pay rent. Callabreeze is probably bankrupt by now, and or will be shortly. No one in there right mind should buy a windmill from this company unless they pay with a credit card, so then you can do a charge back once the piece of ### is broken.

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  • Sj
      Mar 02, 2010

    I totally agree with the above post, and pass my condolences along to anyone who ordered from Callabreeze recently or won a small claims case against them in California. I drove by their alleged factory on Malaga Drive the other day, and it sure didn't look like anyone was living there. Called the number on their website tonight and it is "disconnected and no longer in service." I suggest you go buy a dose of your favorite intoxicant and rent a copy of "The Grifters." And be thankful you only lost some money to these scam artists...

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  • Di
      Mar 08, 2010

    i been taken by these people also and there has to be a way to get back our money my credit card says it is to long they are taking money through google checkout they must know were it is going if uall are as mad as me please keep in contact at [protected] i wilkl not take this ripoff lying down please all info is and will be helpfull there phone is off we must stop them befor they change names like that chris burden from EFI

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  • Sh
      Mar 10, 2010

    I am the owner of the 1417 Malaga Dr address THEY WERE KICKED OUT FOR NON PAYMENT OF RENT so it will do not a thing to serve any papers there, they also did not leave a forwarding address however I can give julie Masons cell number of : [protected] and her e mail address is [protected] Also anyone wanting to serve Calla Breeze of Julie Mason feel free to attend her hearing on 04/16/10 at hemet court house department H1 at 1:30 PM here is the court case info

    04/16/2010 1:30 PM DEPT. H1 SMALL CLAIMS HEARING - HEMET - Minutes
    02/25/2010 SMALL CLAIMS HEARING SET FOR 4/16/10, AT 13:30, IN DEPT. H1.
    02/25/2010 ACTIVE MILITARY DUTY AS TO NONE (HEMET) Not Applicable
    02/25/2010 PLAINTIFF'S CLAIM-OVER $1500 AND LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO $5000 FILED. (HEMET) Not Applicable N/A

    We are suing the Mason Clan for damage to our house they installed wind mills all over our roof and back yard creating major damage ( there testing site was my back yard!) Really great people!!! Hope to see you all in court to serve her anymore info needed please feel free to contact me ...

    Good luck to all ripped off by these IDIOTS!

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  • Sj
      Mar 14, 2010

    Danger Will Robinson, Danger. Callabreeze has another website - AKA C. B. Turbines. Caveat Emptor

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  • Sh
      Mar 18, 2010

    Sh M

    email me

    i need some info i think you might have, and my attorney is thinking about going to the hearing

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