Call Center for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Floridaservice representative

My fiancé called the number found online for to set up an insurance plan for him and myself, primarily myself. Among all of his phone calls to the "call center" the first call/ representative/ "floor lead"/ "supervisor" was the most appalling. Shortly into the conversation, the man told my fiancé we should "run down to the court house and get married" to be on the same plan; the man also asked my fiancé if we "believed in God" and that "I Should start praying" as well as, "I should have thought about getting insurance before I became pregnant." The man refused to give his name, let my fiancé speak to a real manager, and then hung up on my fiancé. My fiancé called the number back several times because the representatives continued denying the manager and hanging up on him. One of the men told my fiancé there was a list with our name and number on it and we want to know who the first person he spoke with so we can specifically complain about his manner. Out of the four men, that my fiancé spoke to, we achieved one man's name, Doug. Every one of the representatives suggested using government assistance, as well as, they do not offer services in our area. We find this whole process degrading, unhelpful, and appalling.

Jun 04, 2018

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