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Senate Republican Tom Harman is running for Attorney General of California. So, he feels that he has to jump into any debate that could show that he’s “tough on crime.” However, we have to point out something.

Recently, in his political march against reforming California’s existing parole system, Harman told the Sacramento Bee: "Here was a prisoner who was a very great danger to the community. The parole people knew it, he was supposedly being checked three times a month, and still he was able to perpetrate this crime that lasted over 18 years."

Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, Tom? How many years have you been in politics? Close to 18? Who is the REAL danger to the community? We vote for you. White-collar crime and political corruption is much more dangerous to the community because it’s not glaringly apparent. It’s hidden behind a fake smile, suit and tie and a lot of rhetoric that is self-serving, uninformed and nonsensical.

Harman’s constituents in the 35th District elected him to represent their best interests, but he has failed utterly. In May and June we worked tirelessly to rally his support for renters in the 35th District that make up 57.6% of the people that put him in the office that turned out to be a launching pad for his bid for Attorney General.

Our goal was to inform him about the offenses the largest landlord in his district, UDR, Inc., was perpetrating on tenants. There are 9 apartment communities in the 35th District representing close to 5, 000 voters. Here is a list of the illegalities that have been plaguing UDR renters for 5 years:

1. Fraud by intentional misrepresentation, concealment and omission of material facts necessary to form a proper and valid contract;

2. Violation of the California Public Utilities Commission’s prohibition from non-utilities earning a profit off selling water and energy;

3. The illegal use of liquidated damages clauses forcing tenants to waive their right to protection from liquidated damages clauses under California law and requiring them to agree that it was “fair and equitable” to pay 2-1/4 time the bases rent should they have to terminate their lease early regardless of what point in the lease they were at;

4. The illegal calculation of late fees under recent case law and state laws thereon (some properties are charging 10% per month instead of the California state law mandate of 10% per annum (non-compounded);

5. Violation of California state law defining the factors permissible to deduct from a tenant’s security deposit; rather, inventing 16 separate illegal fees, fines and penalties that UDR tenants were required to agree to;

6. Illegal exculpatory (”hold harmless”) clauses creating a perception of lack of negligence liability on the part of UDR;

7. Irrefutable evidence that the Orange County Superior Court had evicted tenants for the past 5 years based on an unlawful and invalid contract capitalizing on consumer’s ignorance of the law and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department has carried out such unlawful evictions;

8. UDR’s lack of proper definition of the legal entity of its properties in the controlling RLA (contract) which was the basis of its unlawful detainer actions;

9. UDR’s conscious failure to comply with California state law mandating UDR (as an out-of-state landlord) to state the proper name, address and telephone number of its in-state agent for service of process;

10. UDR’s blatant disregard of California Secretary of State regulations to maintain a complete and accurate record of its in-state legal entity and agent for service of process for California; and

11. UDR’s hideous violations of tenant health and safety standards

What did Tom do? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Why? Because UDR, Inc. is not only the largest landlord in his district but one of his largest political financial contributors and supporters.

So, Tom had a choice.

1. Do his job and look into this egregious illegal activity befalling his constituents; OR
2. Run a successful campaign for Attorney General.

He voted to further his career at the expense of the people who put him where he is. Forgive me, but isn't that crime? Didn't he take an oath of office to represent the folks in the 35th District? And in failing to do so, doesn't that pose a danger to the community? He looked the other way, would not issue any support, and never even responded to our requests.

BOTTOM LINE: If he can’t handle the legal issues in his own district, how is he going to be able to handle the legal issues in the entire state of California as Attorney General? Please don't vote for Tom Harman; he could care less about the people of California. He serves himself and his money-grubbing corporate supporters.

Beatty Hanslinger

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