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Fist of all, this is a Government category, remove the Police part. I moved into a building and Budget Mobile was in the lobby giving away free phones. The girl took my information (Social Security) document, took a picture of it on the computer, gave me a phone and that was it. She failed to tell me that California Life Line (CLL) was part of this. I've had free phones before and I worked directly w/the phone company, there was NO outsider! I kept getting a pink envelope, thinking it was Assurance wireless because I applied there BEFORE Budget showed up, I ignored it. I just happen to open one of the envelopes and CLL was threatening to turn my phone off if I don't comply and get them my information Now, I had NO idea I had to deal w/them and why didn't the girl give it to them! I'm so sick of incompetence with the dumb young folks today! I go on line an upload my information. NO ONE told me there were 2 different categories so I just did what I thought was right and checked of SSI because there was no Social Security box to check! I also wrote an appeal letter to CLL in San Francisco, THEY GAVE ME THE ADDRESS on the letter from CLL! I got nothing else from then and low and be hold on Martin Luther King's Birthday, CLL had my phone SHUT OFF! Not only do I get rides to/from the doctor, I'm under 2 different doctor's care and they couldn't get in tough with me! CLL try to end my life instead of giving life! I had no money, so I had to pawn my computer to get money to get on the bus and go to Budget Mobile. They tell me I have to start over and can't get that number. I asked for a supervisor from CLL to call me for 2 months and finally they call today saying the same stupid crap they said before. I--ME---Not the idiots at Budge Mobile, I filled out the info wrong. I just had the phone for 4 months and have to give a new number to everyone all over again! I was so upset w/them, they are no help, the supervisor was a complete IDIOT! They just don't give a damn! So what it's free that don't mean they can treat people like sh**! Don't give out free phones if you have a problem with us! I'm so sick of incompetent ignorance! They were WRONG and they need to own up to it! They didn't do this to anyone else, people in this building have 2 phone because of them, I have just one and they take it back! They are a bunch of JERK'S at CLL and I hope they all get what they deserve after putting me through all this! They give out stupid cheap phones now that hardly keep a charge or work, the used phone I had was much better! California Life Line can go straight to HELL!

Feb 4, 2015
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  • Bo
      14th of Aug, 2015

    Budget Mobil falsely reported I asked for their business. My Tag mobile provider verified Ca. Lifeline's finding that I was now with Budget!
    I have to stop my new, unwanted service and wait for Budget to acknowlege I request discontinuation of service.

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  • Ki
      21st of Aug, 2015

    T mobile is the company behind both Budget Mobile and TAG mobile. Budget mobile is horrible. My screen froze after a month. I put the SIM card in an old phone and started trying to get another phone from them. The person at the booth listed my address as a homeless shelter and the Budget representative I dealt with via email refused to fix it. Supposedly a new phone was sent out to the homeless shelter. The old phone I transferred the SIM card to quit working (it was really old) so now I have NO phone at all. You will probably have to go to a different lifeline provider to get a phone. I contacted the Utilities commission and after that the phone won't work. My friend gave me another phone and I put the SIM card in there but it says service is not available. These people get paid every month to provide the phone service. They are scamming a lot of people. If you look on line you will find a lot of other complaints about Budget. I have never heard of anyone getting them resolved.

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