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An Angry and homeowner filed a frivolous claim against my small company, the CSLB immediately realized that the claim was unwarranted and closed their claim HCC Surety's investigators (which have never worked in the construction field) would not close the claim, they conducted a very poor investigation by not interviewing witnesses or taking my legally applicable defense material into consideration, and basically disregarded anything I had provided, without any supporting evidence from the homeowner they intermediately took sides (biased) and offered her a payment from my bond.

I did not have any rights and they did what they wanted to do when they felt necessary, I protested the (cosmetic) items as not being legally enforceable with the D.O.I. instead of attempting to affirm the statutory basis the surety of the items they in turn declared (Fraudulently) to the D.O.I.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Los Angeles, CAthat I had abandoned the project without a legal excuse, not providing a shred of supporting evidence.
Since then I have been attempting to force them to provide evidence and they (2 years) continue evading the legal issue and gave the D.O.I. a complete different story of events fraudulently changing the dates of occurrences, I cannot get anything from them, they lied on several occasions to the D.O.I. never providing any supporting evidence.
I lost my bonds could not get re-bonded and had to put $12, 000.00 cash to the CSLB and I lost another $16, 000.00 all on falsehoods and unwarranted cosmetic touch ups, I'm now getting ready for litigation...stay away from HCC they do not know what they are doing, they will take sides and lie, they could care less about the contractor...remember if they make a bond payment you have only 30 days to pay or you lose your license.

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      Jul 07, 2009

    Bonding company is not interested in paying unless they have to due to a result of an arbitration( required by CSLB) or court decision.
    You could purchase an additional performance and payment bonds to insure that you will get paid upon doing what you said you would.
    CSLB will never close the case until surety company closes the case, designated inspector inspects and arbitrator makes a decision.
    I am a contractor and I see that you are twisting he facts and procedures.
    Be nice.

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