cal spaWarranty work

I purchased a Hot tub from Cal Spas of Minnesota on 10-4-04 and it got delivered on 10-16-04. After I had received the tub it always had water in the back left corner. I called Cal Spas of Minnesota and they sent out a tech to tell me that it was moisture coming from the cover. I just accepted that fact for years, and after about 3 year it started really leaking. The Cal spa tech came out and fixed it and he told me it had been leaking since day one. After he fixed it we have had 1o more leaks in the next year, so then the dealer and I decided that the best solution was to have them come and pick up the tub and fix it in the warehouse. This was winter so in the March they came and picked up the spa and tried to repair it. After they fixed 6 more leaks in there warehouse they gave up on it. Myself and Cal Spas of Minnesota decided the best solution was to replace the spa with a new one.The only catch was that they wanted me to Cal spas Corporate to complain so they could get reimbursed for the tub. I called Jon Nelson at Cal spas Cooperate and he said he need more info and the next thing I know, Cal spas of Minnesota said that Jon called them and told them they wanted the tub to fix it in California and the customer would have to pay freight cost.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Jordan, MNI called Jon Nelson and asked why the customer should pay freight costs on a product that is under warranty. He explained to me that it is in the Warranty performance section in the owners manual. I then called Cal spas of Minnesota and they told me that all the "H904" models they sold in 2002 have the same problem. The Service guy at Cal spa of Minnesota said that "AST" seat didn't have enough room for all the hoses. so in turn they can re plum the tub but in a few years it will start leaking again.n I then called Jon Nelson at Cal spas and informed him of the problem. He told me that he would contact Cal spas of Minnesota to get the info they need to see what is going on with the problem. That was 4 weeks ago, so I called Jon Nelson at Corporate again and he told I needed to send the spa back and he would guarantee that it would not leak again. I asked if he would put a extended warranty on the tub for leaks and he said NO. When the factory warranty is up it is up no exceptions. I guess I don't understand why I need to pay for shipping a tub back to the factory when there dealership has given up on fixing he problem and it is still under warranty. The other thing is if I send it back are they just putting a band aid on the problem so that my warranty runs out. Then I get to pay for the repairs. If I was buying another hot tub I would read this and think twice about Cal Spas.

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