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July 2009. BUYER BEWARE!!! I am writing in regards to the damage Cal Alta Auto Glass has done to my vehicle in Calgary, Alberta. The location was 9827A Horton Road SW. The installer was James and the saleswoman/Manager is named Karen. The vehicle was brought in for a new windshield. What a hack job. I now have to take it in for replacement once again, only this time at a more reputable business. I guess you get what you pay for.

My first attempt at getting the problem fixed was over the phone. I didn't get a word in as Karen started with the excuses. My second attempt as in person, and again was met with such unbelievably rude behaviour, that I am still somewhat stunned. From the get go, the Manager did not want to take responsibility. I was given half a dozen or so excuses and they even pointed the finger at the dealership where I originally bought my vehicle. That they replaced and botched the windshield before I came into to Cal-Alta. As if that's an excuse for them doing a poor job. The speed at which they denied responsibility and their refusal to even look at my car makes it look as if they do this all the time.

Their warranty is useless because they only cover the glue that seals the windshield onto the vehicle (and I somehow doubt they'd respect that too). As for the collateral damage they cause to your vehicle, you are pretty much screwed.

If you have a brand new vehicle that needs a windshield replacement, please consult your friends and family for better references. You shouldn't have to waste your hard earned money on feeding incompetence and lining crooked people's pockets.

The owner of this business also owns the Edmonton Trail NE location.

I have found many complaints for either locations. In all cases, the management refuses to acknowledge responsibility and state that "they get these pre-damaged conditions all the time" and that it's never their fault. They throw the blame in all directions, but never take it.

Oh, and the Manager also let it slip that had she given me the real cost of doing it properly, I would've never done business with them.

There is a sliver lining to this story though. Although they probably make a killing out of screwing customers (Calgary is blessed with millions of cracked windshields), about four co-workers of mine were also about to get theirs fixed, and you guessed it, they were going to call Cal-Alta for their low low prices. After asking me about my experience and seeing the result, they all went elsewhere. I guess Karen is costing Cal-Alta much revenue losses these days...

Here's another complaint:


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      Oct 01, 2009

    Hey guess what? To keep my BBB complaint active, I've been told by the BBB that I need to pay 100$ per mediation session, otherwise the case is closed.

    I'm glad I can now stop looking to the BBB for trustworthy business reviews...

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      Oct 29, 2009

    I have dealt with cal alta for over 20 years and they have been nothing but professional. I totally recommend Cal Alta. Very trustworthy. I work in the service business as well and you cannot please all the public.

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      Nov 17, 2009

    I agree with the original complaint. After reading all complaints and experiencing the rudeness of Cal-Alta personnel personally, I can help but wonder of some of the people defending Cal-Alta (see comment by Helen2112 above) aren't from Cal-Alta employees or personal acquaintances of Cal-Alta employees.

    I'll admit that their prices are low, but so is the quality of their work. "Professional" is not quite how I would qualify their service.

    And I say this not having had any legal trouble with Cal-Alta. I just had very bad service and an overall feeling that I sould never trust them with a brand new vehicle.

    That's just my 0.02$'s worth.

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      Nov 29, 2009

    Yes beware and do check out the other reviews at
    The common threads should convince you that Cal-Alta is the worst place to take your vehicle but if not the comments from Cal-Alta's manager
    Karen Ethridge certainly will...what a nut job!

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