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1 Knoxville, United States
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Ridiculous service, I am completely disappointed with the service and support, I have ordered a 3 step cake, flowers and a card worth arounf Rs 3100/- for my friends wedding, I have ordered well in advance and requested to be delivered in the first hour of the day, they haven't delivered till afternoon after in-numerous calls, the customer support was so rude that they shouted at us and hung the call on our face, never expected this kind of service, its 9pm and the cake is still not delivered to the place when called they said they might deliver the cake the next day, are you serious? the event is today and how can you deliver the cake the next day? what will we do with that huge 3 step cake after the event and everyone left? How can someone play with peoples emotions and sentiments? The customer support is waste and has no idea whats going on, they said they will refund my money, are you kidding? I have spent my money for a reason and to be on the event, which was never delivered, We gotta take legal action against this.

Dec 24, 2014

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