Cadinal Moving Systems/First USA Van Lines / Horrible Experience


Do not trust this company or their employees. I just had a horrible experience from beginning to end. I am writing and calling The Better Business Bureau, The Department of Transportation, and filing a small claims law suit.

The specific individuals I dealt with that were all dishonest and unprofessional include:

Kahala did not show up for our initial meeting then lied about it. She indicated to me that the $750 "Full Pack" included packing at origin and unpacking and reassembly of furniture at destination. UPON DELIVERY DRIVER REFUSED TO UNPACK AND AFTER SEVERAL CALLS TO CARDINAL DISPATCH I WAS TOLD THAT SERVICE WAS NOT IN MY CONTRACT. I should have read all the fine print. The unpacking and re-assembly was promised by Kahala Durrett and the foreman who came to pack my furniture. It seems they make this verbal promise as a way of securing your business but then deny it on the other end.

3 workers arrived at my house for the "packing". One of the three said it was his first day. He was big and strong and nice but clearly had no packing skill. I caught him a few times putting glass pieces directly into boxes unwrapped and without padding. The second worker was a young little guy who played blaring rap music with profane lyrics. He talked incessantly and I caught him jumping on my couch. He said he was "just messing around". The foreman was a good worker and seemed to try to be careful packing but he could not watch the other two and pack at the same time. At one point an additional truck arrived with 3 other guys. This actually slowed down the job because they were all doing more talking, eating, and smoking that working. They left cigarette wrapping, butts, and food rubbish in my yard. I caught the second truck foreman (short and morbidly obese guy) putting my expensive art directly on the driveway cement while packing it. I had to ask him not to smoke while handling my goods. One of the other workers indicated to me that they were not even supposed to be at my property and said, "our boss think were still at other job but we finished already". They dropped my couch while going down the stairs which resulted in holes in my wall. They took my hand truck when they left even though it was not tagged. The younger, small kid carved at message that he loves his girlfriend on my driveway. They put a box of their rubbish into one of my boxes which I found when I was unpacking today.

The driver, a Russian guy shows up and tells me right away that he is not going to unpack or re-assemble anything. Additionally, he tells me that it is 100 ft from the 74 ft truck to the storage container and anything over 75ft is an additional "long carry" $75 charge. He says my charge is an additional $100. It's obvious that the reason it's 100 ft is because you can't just park a 74 ft truck anywhere. I emailed Gal Abael the day before asking for confirmation that my goods will be unpacked upon delivery. Her response: "And yes, the driver unpacks everything." When I call her she now says, "sorry, my English is not so good. I didn't mean they would unpack". I forwarded a copy of her email to my attorney which will be very hard for Cardinal to argue against. Then another guy shows up that the driver hired from a temp agency who is a day laborer and not even a professional mover. As they start to unpack, they drop the very first box they touch. Inside was 2 expensive vases and a expensive large ceramic platter. All crushed and destroyed. Then they start unloading everything onto the driveway. About 45 mins later it starts pouring rain and now all my stuff is getting soaked. I called my brother and sister who both left their jobs to come help with the unloading. The three of us worked non-stop for 7 hours in addition to the driver and temp worker. Because the driver and Cardinal refused to help with the unpacking, I had to pay to rent an additional storage space to accommodate my goods.

About 60% of my professional publications are ruined. My teak bookshelf was ruined. The vases and platter are history. Several other items are scratched or damaged. I did not purchase additional issuance which of course I regret. The free insurance covers 60 cents per pound. I'm not joking! I'm out another $200 a month in storage fees.

On the bright side, The Russian driver finally agreed to waive the $100 "long carry" fee because he saw that my brother, sister, and I had to do 7 hours of hard labor in the rain to help him get the job done. Also the temp hire labor guy stayed on his own time after the driver left to help us which was very nice of him.

I don't have time or energy for a small claims law suit, letters to the BBB and DOT, etc. but my experience was so disastrous and appalling that I want to try to save others from the same heartache I am experiencing.

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