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Cadex National / Unauthorized charges

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I applied for a loan thru this company posing as Cadex National out of Toronto online and the Next Business day a man by the name of Roger Langley called me telling me hat i was Approved for a 25, 000, 00 Loan From there company and was told to send them a 5% security funds by Money gram in order to Receive the 25, 000.00 in my bank account, the next Business day i was contacted by Rose Mullin telling me that my loan has been put on hold due to my credit report having to many inquiries and fraud on my report well obviously the fraud on my credit is there cause of you people scamming me. Rose mullin gave me 3 options 1 i could have the security funds returned to me or wait until 20 business days and have them resubmit the application and then have the funds put into my bank account or 3 apply with a different loan company, i chose to have my funds returned to me and obviously to this date i haven't received my money so u people are a scam and i cant believe that u would sink this low and hurt thousands maybe millions of hard honest working people whats the matter u don't have any conscience but mark my words u individuals who say who u are have been reported with the police and also the fraud center and mark my words u people will get yours in the end and charged to the fullest extent of the law and put away and then maybe u will have time to think about your actions and what you have done to us honest hard working but vulnerable people who really have financial difficulties yo people should be ashamed of yourself. I don't get mad i get even, one more thing i wonder how u sleep at night obviously not to good.

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  • Ji
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    I too applied for a loan thru Cadex and was contacted by Roger Langley, sent them $500 to secure a loan and was then called by "Mandy" to say a 25 day hold was on my loan because one other company looked at my credit rating.
    On 28th of November, I called and asked them to return my money and as of yet, nothing.
    They have caller ID on the phone and now, will not return calls nor emails.
    my next course of action, I guess will be to contact the RCMP (Fraud Div.)

  • An
      20th of Dec, 2008
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    I as well have been scammed. I was also contacted by Roger Langley over a month ago, saying i was approved for a 10, 000.00loan, but needed to send a 10% security deposit to them via moneygram, once done, i would receive my funds within 24-48 hours. I then got a call from a lady at cadex on the day the funds were to be deposited, telling me there was a hold as my credit profile showed a couple hits, therefore the new release date was december 19...well, noone called me yesterday, december 19, and when i tried calling, all i got was recordings...i called the calgary police and basically was told i could go down to the district office and file a fraud report...i`ll certainly be doing that, but i also think all of us who`ve been scammed should arrange to talk via phone, and possibly seek a higher level of government to deal with these people who stole our money, if any of u agree please email me first at

  • Be
      30th of Dec, 2008
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    I applied for a loan threw Cadex National online and the next business day, a man by the name of Roger Langley called me telling me that I was approved for a $10, 000 loan from their company and was told to send them 10% security funds by Western Union because I had no house or car in my name to use as a security fund. I sent them that and it cost me $59 on top the $1000 I had to send for security. The name on the Western Union form was Rebecca Rolling. She was the one who be be picking up the transfer from Western Union.The next Business day I was contacted by a woman from Cadex telling me that my loan has been put on hold due to my credit report having an inquiry on it which they didn't see the first time around. I was given 3 options; 1) I could have the security funds returned to me 2) Wait for 20 business days and have them resubmit the application and then have the funds put into my bank account or 3) apply with a different loan company. I chose for them to keep the funds so when the 19th of Dec came, they could just put the loan right into my bank account with out any further delay. Well, here we are the 30th of Dec and they still have my funds and my loan and I haven't heard from them again. They don't return calls and reply to emails. Them ### pissed me off and ###ed over my Christmas and my kids Christmas. I contacyed the BBB and all they did was close the web site but the phones are still up and running so I contacted the Phone Busters but they haven't replyed to my email yet and have done nothing to their phones. I contacted the RCMP closest to them and was transfered to the proper department where I was to leave a message for them to return my call. That was only about 20 mins ago I did that so I'm still waiting for that call to be returned to me. I'm hoping they will tell me what my next move should be with these guys.

  • Ro
      13th of Jan, 2009
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    i also applyed to cadex national and when i did not hear from them like they said they would i contacted the person who owned the web site the told me that it had been bought on go daddy .com i contacted them and was told that it was bought by mark lewis they gave me a phone number and e mail address but they dont extist but dont worry he will get caught very soon

  • Ka
      13th of Jan, 2009
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    Like all of you people I also applied for a loan with Cadex national and I also was screwed over just before Christmas. My loan was for $5, 000 and the security deposit was for $500. Roger Lamgley was the person I talked to and Rebecca Rolling was the person that I sent the money to. I feel like such a idiot for doing this and not checking it out better than I did. So for all you people that are going to do this, do lots of checking first, and did you know that it is illigel for a loan company to ask for a security deposit. I didn't know that and look where I am today. Those people seem to screw all of us around Christmas and got lots of money for their Christmas, but the rest of us were left with nothing. They will get what they deserve sooner or later.

  • Be
      16th of Jan, 2009
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    The BBB wrote me back again. They said this time that they were looking into it and doing what they could but it might take 6 weeks to hear back from them because it all depends on if they can get ahold of Cadex National or not. I hope they do and I hope that these ###ers get caught. So if everyone hasn't already done it, call/email the BBB and the Phone Busters. Phone Busters said they can't do nothing to help unless they get enough complains.

  • Al
      24th of Jan, 2009
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    I too was approved for a $35, 000. loan and was also contacted by Roger Langley, I was to send a $3000. security deposit via money gram with the name Tonya Adams on it.Iwas then contacted by thier customer service dep. and was told the same as everyone else that because there seemed to be an other application for a loan with someone else I would have to wait 21 days and then receive my deposit to my bank.Well I guess everyone knows what happens now, yep the do not exist.I reported to my local police but there was not much they could do.
    I know in my heart that these people will get caught and will be severely punished.

  • An
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    i too was ripped off by Cadex National for $3000.00. I really hope we can get our money back someday. Is there any way we can trace that number that they use for their customer service and the one that Robert Langley was using? Until now, i tried calling both contact numbers for Cadex National. still, its just the answering machine.

  • Ni
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    Cadex National - Fraud
    Cadex National

    Like everyone else I too applied for a loan with this company and was contacted by Roger Langley and was told I needed a security deposit...I was told to send the money thru Western Union to a Rebecca Rolling...still to this day no refund of the deposit...the website has been shut down and I can't get them by phone anymore...I hope it's all shut down...these people will get what they deserve!!!

  • As
      1st of Mar, 2009
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    I too applied for a loan right before xmas and was contacted by a roger from cadex national and we screwed into the ground. We have also contacted the police and i hope someday we will get our money back and they will get what they deserve!! At first i did second guess them when they told us to send 500 dollars through western union on a person to person form?? I then phoned the next day asking why i wasn't sending it to the compnay and why i was sending it to the person, they then convinced me to send. How stupid i was!!

  • St
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    I too was screwed by Cadex National at the beginning of December. Luckily, we checked into it through the BBB and Phonebusters and didn't send any money. I talked to "Todd Bowman" and he told me I was approved for $50000. Wow, I thought...Too good to be true. Well, I was right. I'm glad I followed my instincts. The only thing is, is that I sent my SIN and bank info through the fax. I had to change my banking info and reported the fraud to the credit bureaus. A pain in the ###, but worth it I guess. I learned a lesson and will not be applying for any shady credit lenders ever again. People, do your research. Go to a credible bank or a place like Citi, Wells Fargo, or HSBC.

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