Cache- Gold Chain Bermuda shorts / Quality of Clothing not as it appears

1 Collierville, TN, United States

Purchased 2 pair of gold chain bermuda shorts on 6-17-11 to wear on vacation fourth of July weekend. Merchandise in this store is advertised as high quality merchandise. I spent $90.00 on two pair of shorts, one white and one tan. I wore the shorts on the weekend that I planned, July 2nd and July 3rd. Both pair of the shorts knotted up really bad in the crouch area. Pants were only worn for a minimum of 6-8 hours (and that is probably stretching it). A one time wear should not cause these pants to knot up. they are a cotten sateen blend (so the tag states). The manager at the store when I attempted to appeal to her what happened, immediately insisted that it must have been something I did to cause the knotting and that i was basically lying about how many times i had worn the pants... She took no time to examine the receipt or anything. Immediately assumed I was lying. This was very insulting considering I pride myself on where I shop to get the best quality of merchandise. I add pieces to my wardrobe not just shop. Based on the advertised quality these pants were supposed to last a lot longer than one wear. At Cache, it seems the store manager has the last word. Customer service is directing me to the DM which will probably side with the store manager. I work really hard for my money and in today's economy it is a privilege to shop. I don't return things often but when i do the stores honor their product and keep their word.

Cache- Gold Chain Bermuda shorts
Cache- Gold Chain Bermuda shorts

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