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Cabochon Apartments / Management

1 385 E. Las Colinas BlvdLas Calinas Irving, United States

This complaint starts with the normal issues like weeks to get to a repair or closing all 5 pools for weeks because one pool was vandalized. I would rate their response and concern for tenants happiness at about a 3.5 out of 10. Oh and just a warning, i went without any TV for 5 months because the maintenance men kept disconnecting the satellite equipment to roof (no cable tv offered) and the average electric bill for 800 sq.ft. is $250 (and thats with the thermostat at 80 degrees over 12 hours a day).

But in the last 2 weeks management in conjunction, or should I say in a profitable partnership with Southwest Towing, decided to start towing tenants vehicle for unjust, unwarranted and unsubstantiated reasons at a cost of about $200 per occurrence. When either company is ask for proof a violation the answer has been "take us to court if you want pictures or proof." The reasons range from ANYONE calling in a request for towing or as the dispatcher for Southwest Towing Co. said at our discretion based on the vehicle parked. If your tire is on the line, if you are taking more than one space, if you are parked in the garage marked public/retail for more than 30 minutes (yes there are restaurants that couldn't serve you in 30 minutes if they HAD to). The apartments have unleashed a money hungry company with NO morals on private citizens who expect their property to be safe while at the home Cabochon provides... NOT SO! When questioned management has blamed everyone from the Iriving police to the towing company to your neighbor, but always claiming their innocence. To put it bluntly they are LIARS!

Today [protected]) my vehicle was towed because a retail tenant determined my vehicle to be parked in the parking garage for more than 30 minutes. Was is it the timeframe or that I decided to eat at his competitors restaurant down the street? This is the second time in 3 weeks for me! Either way this is an unacceptable and in my opinion, illegal practice that needs addressed.

But for this site purpose, rent at your own risk and budget, because they will break you one way or the other.


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