Cabest homes / Crooks!!!

1 Murrieta temecula, CA, United States

This company is awful and I regret ever crossing paths with them! Don't bother applying for rentals they will take your $35 app fees and screw you over. They told us a co signer would help me and my husband after we had already shelled out $70 in app fees so I submitted an app for my co signer who is a business owner and has been my co signer for years I even called to verify that they received my app they said yes then said it was still being processed. Never got a call about anything I had to call at least 5 times before finally getting a response then I was told That they never got my apps and that my co signer was "bad" because he didn't have 100k in the bank and out of "Jeff's own mouth was told "what am I gonna do with this co signer I can't go after him for anything!" And then proceeded to tell me that a co signer did me no good becuse we had a prior eviction. So they blantantly took over $100 in app fees full on knowing we would never get a place! Do do business with these people they have no regard for people or there money. All they care about is getting as much from you as possible!

Apr 20, 2013

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