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I often go for business trips to Portland, OR. Almost every time I stay at Cabana Motel. I found that hotel to be very convenient for me. But the last time I was there, this time my wife had come along we had the most awful experience.We checked in and headed straight for our room. We entered in, settled down and left because we had to get something to eat. We went out and came back tired. We washed up and were almost about to sleep but were taken aback by what we saw. When we lifted the sheets from the bed there were blood stains on it. We were disgusted with it. We called for room service. They came when they wished. We told them to get this cleared. They did not even apologize. We will not go to this filthy hotel again.

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  • Al
      Jun 23, 2010
    Cabana Motel - Filthy, electricity problems, no water pressure, i went through hell trying to get a refund.
    Cabana Motel
    1900 North Philadelphia Avenue Ocean City, MD [protected]
    Ocean City
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    My friend and I went on a spontaneous trip to Ocean City, Maryland this past weekend, 6/18/10 - 6/20/10. We only planned on staying Saturday night, 6/19/10. Nothing went as planned so we didn't get there untill Saturday night. We had been up for two days and just wanted to find a hotel and go to bed. We called around after reading the hotel reviews online. The Cabana Motel was the only one in a 10 mile radeus that was a reasonable price and had decent reveiws. So we went right over and payed for the room. We didn't find this out untill later, but what the desk clerk told my friend was her receipt for using her credit card, turned out to be a disclaimer. We went right up to our room leaving our things in the car so we could check it out. First of all once we got the door unlocked we were unable to ever lock it again. We were unable to get any of the electricity in the room to work. We first tried turning things on and when that didnt work we tried flipping the light switches. So we had to go get the desk clerk. He walked right in and fixed the problem, not telling us what it was that was wrong of corse. Once he left and we got to get a good look at the place we were in disbelief. It was so hot and smelly in the room that we almost vomitted. The smell was do to what looked like vomit on the wall inbetween the beds. What vomitt isnt complete without flys and other small bugs. there were huge stains all over the lamp shades and bed sheets. We didn't really touch anything but just looking at the room i wanted to wash my hands. So i went to the bathroom to do so. Both of the water knobs said hot. so i turned the one on the right. It produced no water but it did completely screw off in my hand. The other knob almost did the same but did produce a trickle of water. After investigating the shower we figured out there was completely no water pressure. We went down to the desk clerk and told him were sorry for the inconvenience but we are unable to stay here and we would just like our money back. We wernt in anyway looking for trouble. He asked why and we told him. He informed us that the room had just been cleaned and that we were lying which started a huge arguement between the 3 of us. All we wanted was our money back. So we called the cops. When they came we showed them the room and they also said they were disgusted and even had to cover there nose and mouth apon entering the room. They did inform us that legally they cannot make the motel give us our money back but they wanted to talk to them. So after a few moments they came back out to us and told us the motel would not give us our money back and claimed we had made the mess in the room. So my friend and i went to the desk clerk and told him if he did not give us our money back we would file with The Better Business Bureau and if we had to sue him to get our 120$ back we would. After many threats about having him shut down and reporting him, which was the police officers idea, he finally gave in and told us he would give us our money back. It actually turns out he had never even charged her card in the first place because he messed up something when he went to run it... This place is not worth the hassel. Stay the hell away.

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