CA Stewart / ios flash drive

1 Milledgeville, GA, United States

After repeated attempts to stop the order this vendor keeps referring me to the courier and ignoring the details of my complaint! After repeated attempts to get a refund I sent this email:
How can you rectify the fact that it came way after christmas regardless of my appeal to stop this order prior to having the charge coming out of my account. I needed this item before christmas! It is of no use to me now!
I wonder if you are taking the time comprehend my complaint. The order came far too late. My complaint is not with the courier. It is with your ignoring my appeal to stop the order the day I ordered it and saw that it would not arrive before christmas. You certainly had plenty of time to stop it! Weeks went by, you ignored my request to stop and sent it anyway. You had time to do the right thing. I want a refund sent to my account.
Ca stewart

Jan 26, 2019

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