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C1 Driver Solutions / Scam

1 3603 E Raymond StIndianapolis, IN, United States Review updated:
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I to have have been on the other end of the C1 nightmare. My story is the same as the others went to school, which was a nightmare in feb on top of 'cussing gus' a teacher who had it in for me, I manage to pass and signed on with PAM. My pam coach was great. I really enjoyed driving with him and then I was on my own.

I fell ill about six months into driving and had to be off for about three weeks. When I was finally released I called PAM back and I got a run around about when I was to start back. Finally the called and said i was no longer worked for them so I contacted C1. You would think with a perfect driving record and clean history at PAM that they shouldn't have a problem getting me a job, but the told me nobody would hire me and that I would owe them the full amount $4995. Needless to say after being a new OTR driver it was next to impossible to find a job let alone pay all that money back.

I finally landed a trucking job but no thanks to C1. After that I ended up in this factory were I am still employed and DO NOT need my CDL. The letters(bills) keep coming from along with the not so I nice phone calls to me and everyone else in my family. I attempted once to make payments to them but the did not count any of the money I had already payed them so I stopped that. I have since ran into a few different drivers who shared a similar story(nightmare) about C1. I once payed 500 to a company to deal with them but nothing was able to be resolved through them. They(C1) are a rip and this is my waring to all BEWARE. STAY AWAY unless you like your credit ruined, nasty phone calls and one large bill.


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  • St
      5th of Sep, 2008
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    I was an instructor for C1 driver solutions about 10 years ago. My CDL lapsed while serving my country the past few years and when I returned to Indiana I had to take my test over again. However, they have failed me twice on the pre trip. I assure you its not due to my inability to do a pre trip. I have recently taught people in other states the pre trip inspection and they all passed. But C1 does not appear to pass anyone who did not go to their school. I went to the Schneider CDL test site one hour after failing at c1 for the second time and passed with an almost perfect score. THINGS THE MAKE YOU GO HMMMM. Also the examiner at C1 was an @#!hole. The Indiana exam book states different measurements for the 4 point brake check in different sections of the book and b4 starting the test I asked which measurements I was to use and he went off on me for asking. WTF is all I can think of after that. Now I am out $300 and have spent two extra weeks unemployed while my new employer waited for me to pass a test that I have successfully taught to hundreds of other students.

    STAY AWAY FROM C1. They will just scam and a rip you off either as a student or test candidate.

  • De
      14th of Feb, 2009
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    Fair warning: if you set up automatic payments on your credit card they will continue to charge you after the account is paid in full. I've been trying to reach them for 2 days now, around the clock, and get the same recording: There is 1 call ahead of you, please leave your name and telephone number. Of course, they do not return your calls.

  • Ja
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    as a recent grad from C1, i went to USA Truck went trough the 5 week training then was sent home to wait for a phone call from my fleet manager, that never came. About 2 and ahalf weeks later i called usa and was told i never drove for them and was terminated for not answering when they called. I have tree numbers to reach me at and all have voice mail, there were no voice mails from usa. So now i try to apply at other companies and are turned down. so the cdl i have is worthless i guess for now, Did i also ever say anything when i was asked to cheat on my log book, i refused too! Maybe thats whats happened. Just wanna say thanks to Driver Solutions and USA Truck for all that theve done for me.
    James in tenn,

  • Ji
      8th of Apr, 2009
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    i had a great experience with C1 and USA Truck. I got a truck right away, and, I drove for them for a year. Had no problem with USA paying for my schooling, and, money that they had that wasn't needed for my portion of the tuition was refunded to me right away. I had great instructors, a great fleet manager, and great support personnel.

  • Ca
      2nd of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i am scheduled to attend c1 training on the 25th of this month, i have already ordered the e-gears and have been studying it, i have my class b cdl with tanker endorsement, i lost hazmat when i moved out of the issuing state(part of the patriot act) I am worried that i will be one of the "nightmare" stories... no miles, lazy trainer, unexpected bills pouring in etc. If you are a new driver for PAM trucking and have had a POSITIVE experience please email me at Bottom line: im doing this for my wife and son, get my year in pay off bills, start on building our home, blah blah blah, i dont want to get into this if it is going to be a crazy FlusterCluck. i love my family and being away for extended periods of time is only worth it if i can financially make my family ok, and if i like it then truly make it a career

  • Lo
      24th of Feb, 2011
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    Jimmy about time I read a post that is not full of [censor]. I went to C1 and was done in two weeks. All you have to do is shut your mouth and listen to the instructors which are excellent. I also hear people [censor]ing about the hotel. Get over it they are not that bad you spoiled little brats. Stop yalls [censor]ing and shut your mouths and listen.

  • La
      25th of May, 2013
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    I have seen nightmare reports and success stories about C1 and USA Truck/PAM. I attended C1 in Ft. Wayne, IN and drove for USA Truck. I have to say that the school did what they said they would do: they told me they would teach me to pass the test I would take to get my CDL. I got it three weeks later. I went to USA and passed the upgrade after being on the training truck. I had to "pay my dues" for almost two years- not as many miles as I wanted and not much home time. But I stuck it out, and then went to Schneider National. Schneider was great! And they DO hire students who have just gotten their CDL and send them through a Schneider training program, and they will pay your school loan off if you work for them for a year. C1 was a good thing for me- but I had to try hard and make the most of it. And I did not feel prepared for my career when I left, but that takes time. Driving a truck is a daily learning experience, and you are never done learning- no matter how many years you drive. The day you think it all is the day you need to hang up the keys. And I agree- do what the school tells you to do and don't complain about the accomodations.

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