C SurancePhone repairs, not yet received after 5 months

I gave my phone in for repairs on the 18/8/16 samsung g355 core 2 cell nr: [protected] at the grove store pta, when I called on the 13/9/16 I was told that the phone was send to csurance florida they could not pick in up on there system since it was a replacement handset, it was received there on the 7/9/16 by roxy and was not repaired yet they changed their systems. After numeruos calls in october I still had received any feedback from them, in november I was send from csurance to cellc and back on and then was told to completeness the claim form after subkiting I still have not received any feedback when I called I was told to pay the access fee of r200 which I did on the 18/11/16 on the 5/12/16 when I called again I was told it will take 5/7 days, I called again 12/12/16 and was told to called repairs, they say they did not received the phone, I was so fedup with them and just want to know where my phone is, I spoke to lindiwe on the 18/12/16 she told me the will send the phone back to the store for collection I phoned on the 21/12/16 the grove store and they have not received anthing I spoke to lorraine who said she will find out and never come back I called twice and left messeges for her. I called c surance again on the 11/01/2017 since the phone still was not received back, just to find out that it was still with repairs and they waiting for access fee of which was already paid on the 18/11/2016, I spoke to florence who said they promise that the phone will be repaired and send back urgently before friday. This is the worst service that I have had from any provider.

Jan 11, 2017

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