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C R England / wining-# wanna-be drivers

1 West Valley City, UT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 205-215-9996

I keep reading the negative side of a bunch of dumb-# wanna-be truck drivers, I have 20 years otr experience in driving all 48 states and canada, not one time did "c r england" twist my arm to do anything at any of their terminals, these wanna-be truckers complaining about c r england are drivers that want to sit in truckstops an chase the lot lizards or whores, an then deliver their load late or pick it up late, then wine and cry because their not making any money, I know several employees with cr england, that make healthy paychecks an i've drove with them while training, an if you're not making any money with them, it's your own fault, you have to put in the miles to make a good paycheck...
Sitting in truckstops waiting for the company to give you a free check, then yes you're going to call c r england fraud, rip-off's, and all the other sorry-# names, that you should be calling yoursel[censored]
"noone twisted your arm, to work for crengland" you're welcome to leave at anytime, an everytime you point the finger at cr england, look at your hand, there are three other fingers pointing back at you!!!
C r england has some of the greatest professional people working in their offices, an are very polite an will help you in anyway they can, so all this bull-# these wanna-be truckdrivers are saying, is false statements...
My name is sam mitchell, an I too, am a professional driver for c r england.
Thank you c r england for all the hard work you and your son, bill & gene, put into the company to make it what is today!!!
Sincerely, sam mitchell, driver for c r england...

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  • Bo
      1st of Jan, 2009
    -2 Votes

    I've made up my mind and I'm going to start training at CR England Burns Harbor, IN Jan. 5th. I've been a bus driver for 19 years and it's time for me to move on to truck driving. I don't think I'll have any problems with CR England because I work hard, I'll keep a schedule and I don't complain and I do my job to keep the customers happy. I can also be safe at the same time. I have 19 years of safe driving and no accident while driving a city bus and Amtrak bus.
    I'll work my ### of at CR England.

  • Sa
      15th of Mar, 2009
    +2 Votes

    think sam is a egg sucker.he hopes cr will read his coment.thats why he put his full name

  • Fa
      25th of Apr, 2009
    +3 Votes

    for a professional you sure know what to biggest concern is this. SAM have you looked around in the terminal lately in SLC. ?? i'll bet not !! true nobody is twisting our arms and yes i know where the door is and i am planning to walk through that door shortly. calling others names on a website is child like behavior i expect from a teenager not a professional and i use the term loosely since it appears that education can not possibly exceed the 6th grade. now as for some the accusations being made i recommend HIGHLY you just sit back relax and listen to the babble. i have been dealt a hand that is not favorable gouged by payrol for who knows what theyclaim i owe them money from over 10 years ago. yet they have no proof and being at the burden of payroll i MUST give in to keep working .. i also signed on as a solo driver option 1 is 2 team up you know what option 2 was SAM?? it was go home..england is currently CHARGING for a refresher course up to 500+ and upwards of 3000+ if you havent driven in more than 18 months. so SAM know the facts BEFORE you talk. i DO!!! in a nut shell why does it all point to financial mess think about why leases are so heavily pushed company does not want to pay for truck pawn it off on stupid drivers promise money run minimum miles to keep payment current forget home time and when you add it all up it makes no sense..

  • Mr
      29th of Jun, 2009
    +3 Votes

    cr england is a scam, they push the lease saying well you have to wait for a company truck, we dont have one for you right now.could be 3 weeks.well my husband isnt lazy and neither is my nephew and husband signed a lease and nephew waited it out -3 weeks got a company truck.he quit after 2 1/2 monthes of making no money he had to team up since thats a new policy and was given solo after not beiing home for that whole time and bringing home a whooping $350 a week, he quit.My husband is stuck in this lease, most weeks we get no check.they give enough miles for the truck payments, insurance and that variable miles, and deisel.This company is a hell hole! my husband is a good driver, clean record and no drug history.hes been driving for 15 years.the bad things here is when he breaks the lease they will distroy his daq report, I know it ive read enough from other drivers they did it too.I hope this company goes under, and soon.

  • Sh
      29th of Jun, 2009
    +3 Votes

    CR England is not all it cracks up to be. My husband has been driving for 20yrs and never has been treated as badly from other companies and CR England sh**t on both of us. They lie and falsify information. So Sam you must been sucking on the lot lizards because you seem to know alot about it and you got dainbramage if you know what I mean. Ya your probably sitting there scratching your head. We have talked to other driver who have been waiting several months for their lease purchase truck and there going home because they cant wait any longer. Sh**t on me once, shame on me sh**t on me twice, shame on you sh**t on me three times and I knock your lights out, but once was enough for me.

  • Fa
      2nd of Jul, 2009
    +2 Votes

    this will be my final post on this string. to all considering C.R. england for employment think carefully. there are better options.
    you just have to look. if nothing comes along wait it out on unemployment they DO pay better. as of late every company i have called they hear "cr england " they are VERY quick to change the rules stating i need more experience.. HELLO 4+ yrs overseas (not with military on my own) in the u.s since 97 NEVER a DOT why do these other guys not want drivers that have local experience?? hey we can back like your road guys have never seen wake up guys. we are also less likely to have a backing accident and that is a fact..see where this is going..??

  • Te
      19th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I was new to trucking and fell for CR England. I'm a 30 yr old woman and aced all of my tests first go-round. (I was 25 at the time) I had the highest grades in my classes at tech and never had 1 iota of a problem until I tried to actually get ON the road. I shouldn't have gone w/ CR England but they were the only large company that was rather local that would hire newbies. I went to a week of Orientation. They wanted me to go out with an OTR Trainer which was completely understandable. 4 weeks they stated and i'd get my own truck! After 3 weeks the trainer (who had been with them for 15 years supposedly) kept reporting to them that I was ready to go. The 5th week I was getting super pissed b/c I was ready! Gimme a truck and lemme go! I held on b/c I REALLY wanted to do this! We were running team miles from coast to coast I was getting hardly any money to survive. When you're with a trainer, at the time I was with them (4 years ago) you only got so much money, NOT paid by mileage. I had to steal food from truck stops at one time b/c I had so little (bills back at home needed paying) and my trainer wouldn't provide anything even though she was making all the mad money supposedly. The 6th week I finally had it and called my dispatcher and told him I'm getting off @ the next stop and hopping a plane home. I was almost 3 weeks over my time w/ the trainer and was promised a truck after 4 weeks. He said Okay and that was that. Finally. I had a close friend buy me a plane ticket and off I was and she went to go p/u another trainee 150 miles away. When I got home I called and thought I had worked things out. I was told I was going to get a truck. Then the rules changed. I p/u a truck and did a run to SLC and then they tell me I had to go another 4 weeks with a Lease Trainer?? I was LIVID. Dumb me said "FINE" and I went w/ another stupid "Trainer". It was some Numbnuts SOB who had just gotten his CDL 5 weeks prior and he was supposed to teach me how to lease a truck the correct way. GD WHat a freakin [censored] he was. And I was supposed to learn from him? Nevermind I didn't sign up for leasing anyway. After a week with him, and teaching HIM how to fix ### in the engine and how to properly drive a 13 speed w/ hi/lo switch or whatever the hell it was, they WERE nice enough to finally give me my own company truck solo. I worked for 8 months. Went home 2x. ALWAYS trouble with my paycheck and I never had any problems with my logs or pickup/delivery times. Harassed @ the Home Office in SLC plenty of times by dirty men. My insurance papers, properly filled out and turned in by me @ hire, were never filed. The day before deadline I get a call saying they need them. I Fax them 2x's and they said they never received them. I love health insurance folks!!! Found out they were taking money from my paycheck to pay for their trucking school I never attended. To this day they have yet to send me a copy of the supposed loan I didn't apply for and their collection agency is still bugging the ### outta me for money I never borrowed in the first place. Interest now has it at 8000 or something like that? It was a helluva lot of hassle and even though I met some great folks (and some damned right dirty nasty rude lude ###ers) and saw some great sights and have great stories of the road I would advise NO one go to CR England. I only remember 1x where things were right w/ my paycheck. ALSO I got stopped at 4 DOT stations and I asked each time why? Why was I stopped, dear sir? I swear to you each time they said "We're pulling over all the CR England trucks b/c of high percentage of incidents and fines". That should tell you enough right there. I agree w/ you Sam that there are SOME fine folks @ C R England and I met one of the "englands" in Idaho during a snowstorm at a rest stop (in a white truck..dont remember which one it was). But man do they put a hassle on the new drivers that actually WANT to start a career in driving and are damned good at it too. I know it's tough, seeing all the [censored]es that go thru there. 75% of my Orientation class either quit in the first month, got busted for drugs, and had 3 of them have accidents in the first 3 months. big accidents too. I had to quit England though b/c I had zero money! I was never refunded any of the $ they were taking out for "School" and they insisted at least 3 of my big runs were never turned in. After faxing them copies as soon as problem was found I still never saw those checks. AND The whole MPH ### if you're Company or Lease is just a scam in and of itself. If you're lease you can avg 70mph, was it? if you were company you couldn't avg over 60. Such a big waste of anyones time to deal w/ a company that governs their company drivers at 63, capping earnings and waving leasing in your face so much. Go rent a penske truck, you'll be better off.

  • Fa
      10th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    slight disagreement there if you ride their behind you will get your money back my codriver wants to do certain things for truck like polish wheels add some light. i say are you crazy its a company truck. and a huge waste of time. yes the lease IS a scam as of this writing lease MUST pay for plates permits and DOT and still run at 63 mph.a career as a driver at 30 and a female come on you can do better. go back to school get a real job and take this as a learning experience of a job not to have im done with this end of this month oct25 school awaits me.

  • Se
      10th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I think Sam is a CR England promoter!

  • Sc
      14th of Nov, 2009
    +3 Votes

    CR England SUCKS REALY REALLY BAD!!! If you dont want to see your family but only 8 days out of the year and make [censored] for money then this is the perfect job for YOU!!! WAIT DON'T MISS THE PERFECT CHANCE TO OWN YOUR OWN TRUCK OF CHOICE(HA HA HA) THEN GET SCREWED!!! IT'S NO SCAM I PROMISE (LOL) YOU LEASE THEIR TRUCKS TO MAKE THEIR TRUCK PAYMENTS (TRIPLE) AND THE DONT PAY YOU CRAP!!

  • No
      11th of Dec, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Thank you everyone for your input! I was about to fall into this trap and I was a little sceptical anyway! I ma glad I did my research. everything i have read on the net about this subject has been really negative, bad, or scam related. You all have saved me and my family from being another victom. Thanks. Bobbie
    P.S. I hope all of you have found greener pastures and Happy Holidays!

  • Ti
      22nd of Jan, 2010
    -2 Votes

    Well, just call me someone who as found C R England to take care of people who try to help themselves. The lease program, and everything that is with that, here it is:

    You file your TAXES, you get this:

    100 percent of your truck payments back
    100 percent of all insurance payments back
    100 percent of all fuel cost back
    100 percent of the maintenance fee (You know for you people who hit things) what ever is left

    Everything's 100% back to you. By the way buy a computer for the home use, just once in a while
    use it, and it's a 100% back to you.

    This just come to mind, it won't matter if owe the government, or not, they send you the money for ALL
    truck products, and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS even dog food, meals, socks, cloths, there isn't anything
    that not cover.

    It's simple, work a little each week and you will still make good money, work like a real person, and
    your 1 year pay can be 80, 000 to 100, 000 a year. So, be mad at yourself for getting kicked out, fired, what
    ever the case maybe.
    Yesssssssssssssssss!!! I am a driver for them, and I started this year, even after reading all these post
    I am here now at the hotel. Besides, the other companies are sticking it to their own companies by not thanking
    of how to take care of business...

  • Fa
      22nd of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    thats nice.. i cleared 370k with 2 team trucks for around 185k each truck and appx. 90k each driver we worked 9 months. keep moving that overpriced freightshaker. and making dan rich with NO possibility to EVER own it. he is laughing every morning seen it many times.

  • Ja
      2nd of Mar, 2010
    +2 Votes

    As far as leasing a truck, that's a decision you make for yourself. There are plenty of companies out there that you can be a company driver for. But I do think that England is ripping off the Government for Funds with how they handle things. They wait until you get to the Schools and disqualify you after paperwork is submitted over things that were covered on the application process. That to me is Fraud and If I find out who I can see about it, I guarantee that I'll do something about.

  • Fa
      14th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    you can try contacting somebody that deals a lot with "Stafford" student loans. that is what England is said to be pawning off at this time. through a bank named Atlantic financing. which i don't see how it is a student loan if a bank is picking up the tab. i would guess its a "consumer" loan. unless the bank is pulling a fast one on the federal gov. hmm that's fraud isn't it?? as for disqualifying students after the fact they are free to file for dispute PROVIDED they do not accept the CDL license. this would be nothing more than a credit dispute and can easily be resolved with the credit bureau. all they have to do is make a copy of the CURRENT license and prove it is NOT a CDL. which they have paid for. it should all cancel out since nobody got anything out of it..i want to clarify this last statement this is the way i handled a situation with a school in the last few months they insisted on payment AFTER i flunked out in 3 weeks it was a college course that i did NOT require. and the prof. had insisted i leave anyways. now as for the employment thing this is like any other company it is CONDITIONAL upon completion and background check clearing. so if you are lampin' on a blunt while your out on that driving range talking smack and dealin' crack you are NOT gonna work there. think nobody will say anything ? WRONG!!! a little secret about ALL c.r. england terminals and most of their drivers. especially the lease guys. they have nothing better to do than drop a dime on yo ###. so do your self a BIG favor and stay in your truck and talk to nobody unless you HAVE TOO.. this is for the new guys some free advice.

  • 2c
      19th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    harley rider too -- You gotta be a CR England slave worker, a only 'Sunday 3-hr' Adventist Mormon, and only know how to write with a forked tongue too. All the while not having a clue to what the 'Caps Lock' key is for.

    Anyways, I too fell for the 'England CDL ' school. And I must admit that the school itself did their job as I do have my CDL Class A license <---- which I am paying for. As for the OTR training that's a whole different story. Best you read this;

    /URL removed/ <---- gotta cut and paste.

    By now the DOT & Feds must be there investigating. Hopefully, CRE drops down a peg on the 'TIER' status for delivery company status and there trucks get stopped @ DOT stations for inspections.

    99% of the 'story' concerning CR England are true! And, do they care --NO!!!

    Included below is a pic of the trailer brakes that England only wanted the repair shop to replace 'ONLY THE BAD ONES' and after 3-1/2 hours did England OK the replacement on all four (4) trailer brakes. We could NOT slide the tandems with these brakes, and England wanted us to 'KEEP DRIVING' !

    We learned to just say NO. <---period

  • Fa
      20th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    consider this.. had the new crs2010 rules been in effect you would have been unlikeable at your next job. meaning you would have scored a full 10 points on a DOT inspection as you would have been out of service... the system is turning against the driver and favoring companies a sorta of reverse screw you. yes we have responsibilities to ensure the safe day to day operation of our rigs but company drivers are NOT responsible for shelling out so much as a dime for maintenance. and this is why almost every carrier is out for blood to get their fleets leased out to eliminate responsibility. consider yourself lucky that the problem was addressed at all .. and remember this if you look in the green dot book and fin the section on. " no driver shall operate any commercial vehicle unless he/she is satisfied that the vehicle is safe and can be operated without being a threat to public safety." notice the term the driver shall be satisfied. NOT the carrier.. so you have a right to refuse to operate the vehicle WITHOUT consequences or retaliation..
    this november EVERY DRIVER IN THIS COUNTRY MUST MAKE A CHOICE. do you trust your employer enough to do the right thing and take responsibility or do you allow them to screw you into the ground by making you pay for their mistakes???? my coice is already made im seeking job retraining now

  • Fa
      20th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    HEY GUYS.. dont vent here.. but rather tell these guys about it but make your case like you would have to in court.
    DO NOT EXAGGERATE. the truth will hurt more keep facts short sweet and to the point. if you have pictures or documents submit them too.. here is the link you gotta copy and paste.

    you need not submit name but it may help to begin closing the doors.
    and remember there is noting anybody at cr england can do about it you are protected by the whistle blowers act.

  • 2c
      24th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I understand you perfectly and have no qualms about it.

    I must state for the 'facts' and believe you me, I have filed a Federal DOT Complaint against CR England. This was back in December 2009 as well as The President of the United States, FBI and the Utah Attorney Generals office.
    This is NOT child's play here nor Kindergarten.
    It's HARDBALL!

    I am covered by the 'Whistle Blower Law' for whatever its worth. Anyway, what can/are they going to do...make me less than successful.

    My only hopes are that they (CR England, Inc.) are forced, by the Feds, to stop the use and abuse of unfortunate individuals and STOP getting Federal $ for the CDL 'Puppie Mill' which they engage in.

  • Fa
      26th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    i work for swift now (a large owner operator) and had my doubts about it but come to realize swift is actually a pretty groovy place. i looked at their lease options and must say im impressed by how flexible they are allowing up to 7 skipped payments this year alone.. WOW try that with england.. home time is WAYYY better i dont have to wait 6 months to get shot down and be told no and wait another month i can get home after 3 weeks out for as long as i want. i have moved on was considering returning but am going to let sleeping dogs lie so i dont get bitten again. so i say to the unfortunate MANY others read the label carefully just cause it says LIGHT on the package dont mean you gonna succeed.. dont fall for the guarantee.. remember the movie "tommy boy" where he says to the guy " i can put a piece of [censored] in a box and write guaranteed on the side but the fact remains its still a piece of [censored]"

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