C " N Imaging / Printer Cartridges

1 Harris Road, Edenvale, Edenvale Gauteng, South Africa

Date: from Sept 2015 to 17 Dec 2015 They phoned me offering a special price on cartridges, so I ordered 1 as a tester. I paid for the cartridge and a month later when we tried to use it, we ended up with toner all over our printer. They then pestered me into taking an extra two toners, even though I complained about the first one that was defective, which they still have not replace. On the 15 December Mariska phoned me about 20 times in one day trying to get me to order more saying that I had signed for a package deal, which I have never done I have only every ordered 3 cartridges in total from them. They are dishonest and very rude.

Dec 17, 2015

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