C-Cryptodon't waste your time

Another company that uses cryptocurrencies to steal money from naive investors. Whose fault is this? Both. But I'm here to warn you so you won't be among those "lucky" people who failed.
The website was registered in October 2017 and that's the first reason why they didn't deserve any bit of trust. The domain is registered in the US, but a phone number is with a Poland phone code. At the same time, their website is multilingual, and the company is international. Hmmm so interesting.
Keep checking. Their address is all of a sudden is located in Bulgaria, but the phone code is british. So stupidly confusing. Do they really think people are that stupid and will fall for this crap?
If it's not enough for you, then just read User Agreement and Policies to understand how much they don't care. You shouldn't either. Just never invest in them.

Dec 03, 2018

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