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I have a apple barrel fountain I am selling on Let go. I had someone tell me they wanted to send me a $50 check to hold in the mail. They were in Texas. I said why don't you just send the payment to paypal and I will send it to you?
Then she said I will have my bank get a hold of your bank. Me and my friend thought it was fishy. Now in the past I had someone send me a check I deposited it and was over drawn and lost my bank over it. I wasn't gonna chance that again. So I blocked her. I have rights you put that option for people to use it. Now my account is under review! And now my Fountain is not available!!!??? And you deleted her chat so I cant prove what actually happened. Hopefully you made a copy before you did that.
Now this is my sons account and he is upset that his account could possibly be terminated. please get back to me asap so we can resolve this thank you Jan [protected] It happened today 10/25/17

C and J's Discounts

Oct 25, 2017

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