BXE Capitalnot impressive

Ng Nov 22, 2018 Denver, CO

As far as I understood BXE Capital is alive. Judging by the last time they updated a twitter profile.
That's also great they provided all the contact information.
I checked the address and it's a Shift Workspaces place. It's is an office space for those who have no separate office. Sounds great, but a fact that an investment company doesn't have their own office looks unimpressive. Does the team consist of just a couple of people? As a rule, funds usually have a start-up budget and can afford to rent an office, a room, a separate place, if you will. Moreover, even if they spend time at Shift Workspaces sitting on their chairs, have they a right to call this place their main office? In point of fact, they can just go to any cafe they like, do the same there and choose this address as their own. Not really fare.
So I must confess it mystifies me.

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