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In January 2006, I contacted BuzzQuotes to see about signing up for internet leads to help with insurance sales. When I signed up with Greg Morgan, I was told that the company provided quality leads in real time. It did not take long for me to realize that this was not the case. For example, I signed up for 10 leads a day. All of a sudden I would get leads in the middle of the night, all at once. Additionally, in the RARE event that I actually got a good lead or someone on the phone, I was told that they were trying to get a free video game or something and filled out a survey.

I called up BuzzQuotes and told them I wanted to discontinue my service until they got their act together. I also sent my request in written form via email. Greg Morgan called me back and said that they had subscribed to a poor marketing company and that they had fixed the problem. Additionally, he said that BuzzQuotes was updating their service to allow filtering of leads. So, like an idiot, I believed him and gave them another shot.

About two weeks into the second shot a guy in my office came to me and said that he and I were getting the same leads from the company. The service is supposed to be limited to one agent per company. He and I were both furious and called BuzzQuotes. I was also upset because I had seen no new filters and was still getting leads at 3am all at the same time. We were told that BuzzQuotes had made a mistake and that they would give us free leads.

The other agent took the free leads and later quit the service because the leads were horrible. I on the other hand did not take the free leads saying free bad leads are still bad leads, and I want my money back (a total of $738). I said I don’t care about the leads from the first time around, just give me the money from the second time. I reported to my credit card company (American Express) what had happened and challenged the charge.

Greg Morgan called me and said that he wanted to give me my money back, but that since I had challenged the charge there was no way he could credit my card unless I called AMEX and pulled the challenge. I called AMEX and explained the situation. I asked them if I could re-challenge the charge if I was being lied to. They said that I could, so I pulled the charge. Every time I spoke to Greg Morgan after that, he told me he would do it that day, or in a few hours. After 3 weeks of waiting for this credit, I challenged the charge again.

For the next EIGHT MONTHS I challenged the charges from BuzzQuotes. When I would speak to Greg Morgan he would say that I was right, BuzzQuotes made a mistake, and that I deserved my money back. He even emailed me once that he would not challenge my dispute to AMEX. However, according to AMEX, every time I would challenge the charge, BuzzQuotes would tell them that the charges were legitimate and that I had a contract with them. However, I had cancelled the initial contract via email the first time. Plus, their own Terms & Conditions state that they only sell to one agent per company.

I am still waiting for my $738. Do not use BuzzQuotes or any service associated with Greg Morgan. I have heard reports from a NUMBER of colleagues that have lost THOUSANDS of dollars to BuzzQuotes’ fraudulent activity.


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  • Ad
      27th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes - Worst lead experience ever!
    United States

    We were sold by John Lloyd Alogna on this. I'm still amazed this man has the integrity to sell such a poor product. The leads were not quality leads. The majority of the leads were submitted to us 24-48 hours after the consumer requested an insurance quote. The information on the lead is lacking after the agency principal signed the contract I decided to do some research about Buzzquotes and found numerous complaints. I immediately had a bad feeling about them and faxed a signed cancellation letter to void the contract and not to charge the credit card. They didn't honor our letter because they had "already charged the card" (as if it's impossible to credit a charge just as easily). I should have listened to my gut feeling on this one!

    Then to cancel, you have to send a request via email which takes 2 weeks to process. In the meantime they continue to charge you for leads you can't sell so that they can find another agent to replace you. It's not my problem that they need to find replacement agents. Hopefully anyone that reads this will stay clear of!

  • Pa
      24th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    Our company is in the same boat... bad leads, promise of refund, cards closed, complaint filed... months later still no word or refund. We've tried faxing, emailing, to no avail. When we do reach anyone by phone we are given a run around and empty promises.

    Does anyone have the actual address of Buzz Quotes?

    We have filed a claim with our local small claims court.

    Has anyone tried this? If so what were the results?

    [email protected] for any comments or suggestions. Thanks!!

  • Jo
      13th of Feb, 2007
    0 Votes - Fraudulent charges
    United States

    I used the service in March 2006, and the leads that I got were either too old or the lead didn't do a survey with Buzz Quotes. After a month or so of this I contacted the company in June of 2006 and requested that my service be cancelled and to refund my initial 300.00 fee. I spoke to rep named Josh Zigman who did actually get me a refund for the initial amount, after 3-4 additional calls that is. 3 months later in Sept 2006 I was going over my credit card statement when I noticed 2 charges from Buzz Quotes that came up to 505.50. I thought that this must just be an error in billing or something like that, since I had cancelled service 3 months earlier. I called and talked to Josh Zigman and he said "it is a mistake on their part and it will be taken care of". He said to give them 3-4 days or a week at the most and I will see the credit on my card. It is now Feb 13, 2007 and NO CREDIT, I have called and emailed at least 100 times to the company to try and get this taken care of, with no response. When I do actually get to speak to human I am either told the manager is not in (Greg Morgan) or I just get hung up on. The person ( Josh Zigman) that I used initially to set up the account and to cancel, is no longer with the company, so I'm told. I have lodged a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission as well as the BBB, maybe one of them can put a stop to this companies fraudulent activities. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

    Pass this on to as many people as possible and maybe we can shut them down............Thanks, John

  • Eu
      27th of Jan, 2007
    0 Votes

    I'm in a similar situation with buzzquotes. I billed my credit card 500 dollars for leads in Pennsylvania. the first two i got were from Massachusettes and one other i received there was no such person. I called buzzquotes and told them i wanted to cancel my contract and i wanted a full refund of my 500 dollars since they never sent me the leads in the specific zip-codes in Pa. that they promised me. I talked to someone there and they said all i would have to do is e-mail them a note stating this and they would reimburse my credit card. Well i wasn't real comfortable with this because the contract said i would have to notify them in writing to do this. The person at buzzquotes insisted that all i would need to do is send them an e-mail and it would be taken care of. I notified my credit card company and filed a complaint with them against buzzquotes and also canceled the account i had with them and opened a new one. I didn't want buzzquotes charging my account any more. Is there anything i can do to get my money back?

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