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BuyTelco / scam and cheating!

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On july 8, 2006 I responded to a e-mail promotion off from buytelco offering broadband service. This offer was for sbc yahoo service and included 2 free airline tickets. I signed on and received the following e-mail from buytelco:

Order confirmation.

Thank you for ordering. Please print this as your receipt. You will also be receiving a copy via email. Your at&t yahoo dsl order confirmation number is acp2038083. To retrieve your complete order record. If you authenticated your order, at&t yahoo will be activating your circuit and sending the equipment needed to start your high speed internet service. Otherwise, at&t will be contacting you to confirm your order. For your convenience we have provided a recap of your order below. We're pleased you've chosen buytelco as your trusted source for high speed internet solutions.

We have listed some links below that may be helpful to take advantage of your new high-speed connection.

Receipt # acp20sss

Install at:

Your information:
Reference: 33sss

Service type: adsl


Dsl express:

Monthly recurring

$12.99/month for the first 12 months. 2 free airline tickets.

Please note, the "$12.99/month for the first 12 months. 2 free airline tickets."

That's the last I heard from buytelco. They won't answer e-mails and don't return calls left in their voice mail. I contacted at&t/sbc and they disavow and promotions made thru outside companies even if these companies use at&t/sbc's name in their promotions. I received the following answer from at&t/sbc:

Dear mr sparman,

Thank you for your recent email. On behalf of at&t, I apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused. Unfortunately, at&t has no authority or jurisdiction over the promotional offers available at buytelco. Upon further review of their website, we have found that the service must be activated within 60 days of purchase.in addition, you will be sent your travel voucher via email 10-12 weeks after activation. I have included a link below regarding the terms and conditions. Please contact them directly for further assistance with this matter.


If this response does not address your concern, please reply directly to this email. To ensure a timely response, do not change the subject line of your reply.

Thank you for choosing the new at&t - the culmination of at&t's passion to invent and sbc's drive to deliver. We appreciate your business and continued loyalty. Check out the new at&t at www.att.com. buytelco seems to be running a scam and I intend to do everything in that I can to see that their shoddy practices are made public.


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A  24th of Jan, 2007 by 
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The VERY same thing happened to me except I had Road Runner installed with the promise of two airline tickets by Sept. I have called, e-mailed even did the "chat" thing (the lady on there gave me a disconnected telephone number to contact buytelco). I am very unhappy and would like to know of any action that can be taken.
A  23rd of Feb, 2007 by 
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Same exact thing happened to me. Why are these people still in business? And what can be done to stop them from doing this?
A  2nd of Apr, 2007 by 
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Same story exist here too. I ordered the Comcast service on BuyTelco site. Had online chat session with Mr Henry on 07/24/06, who gave me their contact as 866-863-8479/305-384-4151 and my confirmation # as 124183642. I have not heard from them since that time. Mr Henry online wrote that they will send $150 Amazon.com gift certificate and 2 free airline tickets. There is no response from them.

I wonder who is letting this scam to go on, Comcast benefits but does not associate itself with them. Off course, there is conspiracy on the part of so many crooks in all the players in this big game.

Is there Govt. agency who follow these email postings to see what really goes on?

What is the solution toward this? What should be the course of action on my part?
A  13th of Apr, 2007 by 
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I agree I got the same message as some of those. I didn't even get the internet at all. They said it would be here in a week and nothing. All the contact numbers are fake and you can't contact them because they won't respond.
A  15th of Apr, 2007 by 
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There is no validity to the BuyTelCo offers. I signed up for DSL service with them also, and after a thorough verification process, 3 email verifications from them, I found there was no order placed with Verizon for DSL service for me. Several emails and phone calls to them yielded no results either. No loss of anything though, except patience and time. I am hoping I didn't give them any credit card information, or anything, but I can't remember since it's been several weeks since I "heard" from them.
A  24th of Jul, 2007 by 
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Oh hey, I can top all of you this is against both BUYTELCO and Wild Blue Internet Services and it is a dilly. I found a lovely little place in Forsyth, Ga. and was so excited to move out in the country with the deer and squirrls. Unfortunately I had to switch from cable to a dish as there is no cable company here. I am an EBAYER so I desperately needed a good, fast, reliable service. I went with Direct TV who has buytelco do their billing and they recommended Wild Blue to me for Internet. Well, I signed up for wild Blue, BUYTELCO charged a $289.00 deposit for Wild Blue. I waited all day for the guy to show up to put the dish up, he would call every 3-4 hours to change the time, stating that he was having problems with another job and couldn't get to me. The time kept changing until after dark, then he rescheduled for the next day at 9:00 AM, promising to be there. Next day, 9:00 came & went, 10:00 came & went 11:00 came and went, after 12:00 I called Wild Blue to cancel, he was finally pulling up in my yard. He informed me that he wasn't going to come because the company wouldn't pay him, told me the equipment ws faulty, then told me my computer was faulty, never got me on line. For 3 weeks I got the run around, I went with another carrier, but, they won't give me back my deposit and refuse to come and get their dish. They actually told me (a 61 year old grandmother) that I would have to get the dish off my roof and ship it back to them and after examining it they would refund my money. Then they said they would send someone out, I waited all day, no one came, I called back, they say they don't remove them and my deposit is gone for a service I never received. Top That one!!! So BEWARE OF BUYTELCO AND WILD BLUE! Me, I'm going to court!!!
D  1st of Aug, 2007 by 
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Regarding Mr. Zubair's comments, Again I apologized for any inconvenience, but we never received a gift card rebate form from the customer, and once the customer contacted me, I sent him his gift cards immediately on 4/14.

Jason Gallow
Acceller Customer Support Manager.
A  1st of Aug, 2007 by 
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I posted complaint on 2006 /08/22. It has since been resolved to my satisfaction.

Larry S.
A  8th of Sep, 2007 by 
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Mr Jason Gallow did sent me Amazon gift card. They also sent me free airline ticket contact but with a catch: I had to by a vacation from a company which was more expensive than if I had bought my own vacation package. I appreciate their late response. Hope they are able to resolve many other complaints too.
N  28th of Sep, 2007 by 
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BuyTelco - Poor service!
United States

When I placed Comcast High Speed Internet order with Buytelco, I got below confirmation e-mail from BUYTELCO.COM or ACELLER.COM saying promotion of $125.00 Amazon gift card due to signing up for Comcast through them.

Although I connected them several times about gift card during the last 4 months, I have not received the promised gift card from BUYTELCO. I will definitely let Comcast know how they do business with Comcast customers.
I wish I had signed up Comcast through www.dell.com or www.amazon.com.

N  2nd of Oct, 2007 by 
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Yesterday, I got the promised gift card from BUYTELCO.COM. Thanks
A  20th of Oct, 2007 by 
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Yes. BuyTelco is up to their old tricks again. The F.C.C. SHOULD INVESTIGATE.
A  20th of Oct, 2007 by 
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N  18th of Dec, 2007 by 
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BuyTelco - I got my gift card!
United States

After submitting a complaint to Jason, I received my gift card plus an extra $50. I haven't redeemed them yet, but I am satisfied with the quick response.
A  17th of Jan, 2008 by 
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I dont know why AT&T or any of these other companies are not being sued or fined by the government. They are associated in this scam. Usually if someone is scamming in your name your just as guilty if you dont stop it if your able to. We need to fly out to these f*ckers homes and blow them up. Surely someone has a brother in the FBI to locate addresses?
A  29th of Feb, 2008 by 
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I have used buytelco a couple times. The first time, I received a gift card, but only after persistently calling them. Since then, Acceller seems to handle their communication. I ordered DSL service in February 2007, have contacted Acceller five times since then, and have yet to receive the gift card (over a year later now). Acceller says they can't give me a direct contact number (and that they can't even contact buytelco directly). All they do is pass on case files to buytelco which seem to be ignored. (I was actually told once that the gift card had been sent out on a certain date, though I never received one.) I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but there is clearly a case of fraud or incompetence here. By the way, Acceller’s phone number is 936-559-2895 if anybody needs it.
A  29th of Feb, 2008 by 
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On another board, I found that some customers were having their offers fulfilled after submitting their information to Jason Gallow at jgallow@acceller.com . Hope that helps.
N  19th of Mar, 2008 by 
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I emailed Jason Gallow and was told that I should have received the gift cards through Qwest, not buytelco. Qwest said it was too late. I emailed again and told him that I should have been given this information the first time I called, not after the fifth or sixth contact. Though he said they were not responsible to fulfil the offer, he did so anyways. I have now received them as promised.
A  19th of Apr, 2008 by 
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I subscribed comcast through buytelco in 08/2007, and mailed everything on time according to the rebate rules. Though I have called buytelco more than 6 times since January, and emailed Jason Gallow, I never got my $150 Amazon gift card. I even complained to Better Business Bureau at Fort Worth, TX, and they said the company had moved without leaving a forwarding address. What could I do now?
N  10th of Jul, 2008 by 
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BuyTelco - $250 Amazon GC
United States

We signed up for Comcast's Triple Play service back in March of this year under the promise of receiving a $250 Amazon gift card that would be graciously provided by Digital Landing/Buytelco. We made good on our end and still have NOT received the promised gift card. I've contacted Jason Gallow both via phone, as well as email and have not received a response to my complaint. I do hope he is a gentleman as others have reported. We will see.

Can someone please direct me to the appropriate BBB department to report these people? I'm also going to try and contact a government agency to see if they can assist us. Promising to deliver something and not doing so is FRAUD in my book.

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