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BuyTelco / fraud and cheating!

1 United States Review updated:

I signed up for Comcast in early February through because they were offering a $150 Amazon gift card. I regret signing up with Buytelco for Comcast offer. I wish I had simply signed up for Comcast by calling them directly. Or better, I should have signed up for Comcast through, at least people are getting their $100 gift card from Amazon. Here is the Comcast deal that Amazon offers with $100 Amazon gift card:

Buytelco customer service is notoriously the worst I've experienced. I had to even give out my credit card number so they can send out a technician and I felt unsafe for giving out my credit card # but I thought to myself, for $150 amazon gift card, it's probably worth it.

Well, I mailed my rebate form with proper documentation in early February to Buytelco and it's late August right now. I have not received the $150 Amazon gift card.

I have tried phone support, chat, and email support. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE is willing to help me out. I've could of made better choice by directly signing up from Comcast and avoid over six hours of hassle. I have wasted so much time to get help from Buytelco that I'M NOT GOING TO GIVE UP

It's now my personal hobby to expose Buytelco and their shady practices to consumers. Currently, I'm planning on writing a complaint ready to the Better Business Bureau and to Comcast Headquater in PA. I'll soon start blogging about buytelco / and post on many other web sites and forums as possible to expose Buytelco. I'll stop when I receive the promised $150 Amazon gift card from them.

This is the email that I had received when I signed up on

"Thank you for ordering High Speed Broadband Internet service through BuyTelco. You can expect to be enjoying a faster, more convenient online experience soon.

You should have heard from COMCAST to schedule your High Speed Internet order. In the event no contact has been made, please call at [protected] and give them confirmation # [Removed for security reasons] to schedule your order. Your secondary confirmation # is [Removed for security reasons]."

Contact me if you have any questions or have been also scammed by Buytelco: [protected]

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  • Pa
      20th of Aug, 2007

    I agree with the author of this complaint.

    I signed up through the link:

    for $100 amazon gift. I just found out that the dealer on Amazon is the same Buytelco company that runs the web site

    Like the author suggested, stay away from this company. Save yourself trouble and just directly sign up for Comcast at

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  • Ca
      9th of Sep, 2007

    Someone from Buytelco contacted me and addressed my issue. I'm VERY satisfied. THANK YOU!

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  • Pa
      20th of Sep, 2007


    I am posting again to say my issue was handled very professionally, though it took time, it was solve eventually and I received my gift card. The company Buytelco went above and beyond to satisfy me for all the trouble i had gone through. I'd recommend it to anyone that is looking forward to buying Comcast, use their web site to sign up as you WILL get the amazon gift card.

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  • Ze
      28th of Sep, 2007

    When I placed Comcast High Speed Internet order with Buytelco , I got below confirmation e-mail from BUYTELCO.COM or ACELLER.COM saying promotion of $125.00 Amazon gift card due to signing up for Comcast through them .
    Although I connected them several times about gift card during the last 4 months, I have not received the promised gift card from BUYTELCO. I will definitely let Comcast know how they do business with Comcast customers.
    I wish I had signed up Comcast through or


    Thank you for placing your order. Please print this as your receipt. An email of this confirmation notice will also be sent to you. to retrieve your complete order record.
    Self Install
    If you choose a Self Install, your kit will be mailed to you within 5-7 business days. Once you receive the kit, please follow the included instructions for installation.
    Premium/Professional Install
    If you require a professional installation, please call 1-877-220-3549 to schedule an appointment.
    Your confirmation # is:191855841

    Company: Comcast
    lan Selected:High-Speed Internet - Cable Customer

    Promotion:$19.99/month for the 1st 6 Months!! $125 Amazon Gift Card

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  • Du
      14th of Dec, 2007
    BuyTelco - No response!
    United States

    After I posted a complaint regarding not having received my $150 Amazon gift cards & the level of poor customer service, I finally received my gift cards.

    Thank you Jason Gallow!

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  • Ir
      31st of Dec, 2007

    In August I ordered Wildblue service thru DirectTV which then entered my order for the equipment thru Buytelco. The equipment was immediately billed to my debit card and arrived approximately 3 to 4 weeks later. An installer called to do installation and a time was set - the installer was late and told me that he had to mount the dish on the front corner of my house or I had to pay extra for a pole mount. After much argument, I paid $130 extra to installer for pole mount since there was no way I could determine if there was damage to the roof the installer would cover cost to fix. Also the installer burned my carpet using a drill and left a hole in my wall insider where he could not get thru to the outside. He left without setting up all the service and said he would come back later - never did. A couple of days later I noticed that Wildblue had billed me using my debit card for service. When I ordered I was told that it would be billed with DirectTV. I called and told them I had not authorized use of my debit card for Wildblue billing - only for equipment cost. Wildblue told me I had signed a contract - I had not signed anything. They said they had a copy. I requested a copy and after the second request, I received a copy of a 12 page contract which had my name forged. I then contacted Wildblue and told them I did not want their service. Their installer had forged my name to a contract that I would not have signed and I wanted a refund on the equipment and the month service fee. I also told them that they did not have the authorization to use my debit card. After a couple of weeks, it was determined that the contract had been forged by the installer and they sent an email that they would refund the equipment cost and were releasing me from any obligation on the Customer agreement. I received the equipment refund and a refund for the one month of service. I thought this was the end of a very bad situation. As of today, 12/31/07 I found a $79.95 charge from Buytelco on my checking account (they had used my debit card number for this charge). Called bank and disputed the charge. The bank also gave me a telephone number for the company which does not work. I have canceled my debit card and the bank is issuing a new card. The Card Services for my bank is checking into the dispute of this charge from Buytelco. They indicated that they would contact them and advise that the charge was not authorized.

    Anyway, I would advise everyone to stay as far away from Buytelco and Wildblue as possible. You do not want to do business with them and you definitely do not want to give them a card number to use to charge for any equipment. They do not seem to know that they are not authorized to use whenever they want and can give to whoever they want.

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  • An
      1st of Jan, 2008

    I was also charged $79.95 from Buytelco on 12/31/07. I didn't see it till today 1/1/08 so the bank is closed but I will dispute the charges tomorrow as fraudulent. I have had Wild blue for 6 months and have never been charged by buytelco till yesterday. Wild Blue and buytelco both charged me $79.95.

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  • An
      3rd of Jan, 2008

    We had the same thing happen. We were charged 79.95 by buytelco on the 29th. After I finally got connected with someone there, they told me I was being charged for part of the installation that was never billed. We paid almost $400 for the dish and installation in Sept. After telling him that the credit card was canceled because the company considered it fraud, he issued (supposedly - havent seen it yet) a refund. How are companies getting away with this?

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  • Ba
      3rd of Jan, 2008

    Just looked at my bank account today and found the same as others !!!! That i was charged $79.95 on 12-31-07 from a company called "BUYTELCO" So i did a reverse phone lookup and found it came back to an MCImetro,ats in Fla! I called the phone number and all i got was a busy signall! Then i typed Buytelco into my browser and found this site so i then added it up to wildblue who i called and they couldn't tell me anything but gave me two more numbers to call both of wich are no good either and they also told me that i should call my direct tv company which i am about to do this is fraud and should be investigated into the workings of a company that conducts business in this manner!!!

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  • Ba
      3rd of Jan, 2008

    Update after calling direct tv to discuss the situation they have no idea what i am talking about or no idea about the company called "BUYTELCO" so i asked the representative if he had a computer in front of him and he said he did so i asked him to type in "BUYTELCO" and see what he could find and he said that he found nothing and that "DIRECT TV" was not associated with this company and that i needed to call wildblue whom i told him i had already called and that they told me to call "DIRECT TV" so it looks like both WILDBLUE and DIRECT TV need to be reported as fraudulant as well as BUYTELCO!!! SINCE WHEN YOU CALL AND TALK TO THEM THEY EITHER DON'T ANSWER OR DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS COMPANY CALLED "BUYTELCO"!!!

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  • Me
      23rd of Jan, 2008

    Well, What's up with the $79.95 installation charge Acceller wants to take out my account within 14 days after notifying me by mail. Seems this company is having some bad issues undoubtly finacial, they are out right stealing , and not denying any of it. They just avoid your calls to rectify any of their rebates or to justify the charges they want to charge when they got paid $289.00 August 1, 2007 from my debit card, well to inform Acceller, I no longer have that number to charge my account, I am trying to notify them
    (Acceller) of the canceled card, how long will it take them to return my calls if they can't get thier Money??? Now What?

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  • Li
      24th of Jan, 2008

    I also received the letter from Acceller stating that they were charging me $79.95 for installation for Wild Blue that took place back in August through the dealings with I have been in contact with DirecTV and Wild Blue. According to both, is a go between for Wild Blue and DirecTV. While Wild Blue refuses to take any responsibility in the matter, DirecTV has taken the polar opposite approach. DirecTV listened to my concerns and did compensate me for some of my losses. I have an email address for which is [protected] that I will be emailing tonight. I will update what response I receive from them. I find it very violating that this company took my financial information 4 months later and used it to fraudulently charge me for services that were FREE. I have confirmed this information with DirecTV. The installation of Wild Blue at the time I purchased it back in August of 2007 was FREE. What a scam!!

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  • Ri
      8th of Feb, 2008

    Ditto... Acceller... ditto...August... $79.95 ditto call customer service at 800 478-6613 have your paperwork ready including bank tracking # and wildblue acct #

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  • Al
      13th of Feb, 2008

    Tired of trying to contact BYTELCO and leaving messages on answering machine, talked to service dept at Direct T V. They gave me two numbers for BUYTELCO. Talked to a gentelman there who said it was due to an auditor who deided someone goofed and changed things Wee in pocess of fixing things. Would soon have my money back. Will soon knowif it is so.

    Telephone numbers Direct TV gave me for BYTELCO are:
    1-786-837-6808 ( I called) and 1-866-466-2931

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  • Na
      6th of Mar, 2008

    A free "standard instillation" only goes so far... anyhting out side of those lines -you are now into extera $ territory because you want it your way and not the cheep way... there is a differance... if you wright a check you pay period you sighn a contract then it's your fault you didn't readd what you sighned.

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  • Fr
      10th of Mar, 2008
    BuyTelco - Scam and rip off!
    10700 E. Trails End Road
    Floral City
    United States
    Phone: 352-726-4342

    On February 28, 2008 I ordered high speed internet service through Direct TV. I was to receive Wild Blue at $69.95 per month and on February 29, 2008 $289.00 was taken from my account. I have heard nothing about my service. Direct TV knows nothing, Wild Blue knows nothing and Buy Telco is not answering their phone.

    I can not afford to lose this money.

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  • Sc
      31st of Mar, 2008

    From Late February to early March the software for the Directv website was malfunctioning and several orders for Broadband service were lost. This was not a problem with Directv, but a software issue with BuyTelco (Acceller). We had no record of the customers involved and had no way to contact anyone. If you have a Wild Blue order placed through the Directv website and are not sure where your order is please call me at 786-837-6808. this is only for orders placed through the Directv website...Not placed thru the call center or to Wild Blue directly. I will be happy to try and locate any outstanding charges and reimburse your account if needed. We apologize if you were caught in this mixup. Sincerely...Scott Shaw

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  • Up
      11th of Feb, 2009

    It is a total scam, I've read numerous blogs all over the place and no-one that "claims" to have received their gifts cards really exist. Hmmm, could this be another one of their scams to get more people signed up? There was also a "Jason Gallows" who claims to help you out. I by that name has ever worked for their company.
    I've received numerous correspondance from 2 individuals. Yet it's been almost 8 months with no gift cards...SCAM. Digital Landing, Acceller and BuyTelco are all shady companies. The following 2 people have been "trying to help"...still no gift card. Go figure. I'm also making it my "personal mission in life" to go after these companies till they own up to their scam. GO TO COMCAST DIRECTLY TO SIGN UP!!

    Karina Falcone
    Customer Service Representative
    Tel: 800-970-0466
    Corporate Headquarters
    815 NW 57th Avenue, Suite 400
    Miami, FL 33126

    Lili Arroyo
    Sales Dept.
    ICS - Interactive Contact Solutions, Inc.
    2650 S. Falkenburg Rd
    Riverview, FL 33578
    800-225-3690 x5105
    813-463-9543 fax

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  • Is
      30th of Apr, 2009


    I agree this is a scam. I have also been trying to reach customer service and finally I spoke to a manager yesterday. I asked her if anyone else had a rebate problem and she said I was the first one. but when I searched the internet I found that other customers also spoke to the same manager and were made fake promises. STAY AWAY FROM WWW.COMCASTOFFERS.COM

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