It had all the hallmarks of a scam but I didn't want to believe it. **Sigh**

These guys offer you websites already making money, that you take over and collect the money. Sounds even stupider when I write it down. They then proceed to send you update e-mails of how much your site is making. I guess the idea is that people wait around and be amazed at how much money they are making until the three month period expires and they get their first payout.
I bought a site on Friday, and activated phase one of the signup, which was providing paypal address and egold account so I could receive payments.
I waited for the email reply telling me what step 2 and 3 would be and it never came. When I sent an e-mail requesting it I got a reply saying please wait for further instructions. They never came, so I relaxed for the weekend and got back to it this morning(Monday). No instructions, so I started doing some real digging.

*The paypal account my payment went to is unverified.
*Feedback is screened before being posted so everything there is positive.
*I was able to contact a former customer who told me directly she had waited out her three months and then been cut off.
*I have never received any paypal phishing attempts until 36 hours after I signed up. Possibly coincidence but I suspect not.
*My website lacks a page title - which is a bit amateurish for a firm who have supposedly been selling profitable websites for years.
*All the payment details that come through are coming through in the same ammounts - a little suspicious.

People, stay away from this one! They will take your money and run, and then add insult to injury by trying to phish your paypal details off you.

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