BuyKratom.usKratom has stolen my money and refused to refund it

I had bought a few different Kratom strains from and the total ended up being $86.16. I paid them in Bitcoin and then I had talked to my lawyer and he told me to cancel the order as it is risky to ship to the Asian country I am currently living in (I'm an American expat). So they canceled the order, which was very nice of them, and said "Your refund will show up within 5 to 7 days in your account". Well that was about 2 weeks ago, as I had placed the order on April 10th, 2017. My order number was AB-201999.

After 7 days, I tried sending the owner, saundra, an email and also a support ticket and asked him where my Bitcoin refund was and got no response. I then waited another 5 days and tried again to contact him and this time no response either. So I warned him that unless he refunded my Bitcoin within 48 hours, I would publicly leave this review and warn others to avoid buying from as they are scammers and will steal your money and run away with it.

So that's all I can say. Don't buy from, they are scammers and I'm really pissed off he stole 80 dollars worth of Bitcoin from me. As some of you might know, the price of Bitcoin is rising so it will end up being worth far more than 80 dollars.

Apr 28, 2017

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